Grandma Palmira Birthday

I love palmas, they are beautiful decorative strong trees,they also carry coconuts, an amazing versatile fruit. Palma is also nick name of my grandmother a born Slavic (ex-Yugoslavia) lady who went thru several refugee’s camps when few years younger than myself and served there as bilingual translators for Croatians and Italians. We have plenty of pictures in b/w from this period, they look fascinating and misterious to me, lots lots of people that she never met anymore. They are shown playing guitar and dancing around a campfire, sitting in the grass, laughing in groups and posing for pictures. Occasional family to share those difficult post-war times in Europe. I often reckon how thankful i have to be forever to this woman because she is the one who being asked to choose, said that “no we are not going to Southamerica with the cousins, we want to be shifted to South of Italy” and the rest is history (but I could have been born as a different me in Southamerica too eheh, eventually we are nothing but the spirit)

Wishing you long life and Love dear Grandma,

your “stella”


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