Zero questions leads

 There is no “Any question?”, like they uses to ask nowadays. There is no question left ununswered. In the place where more inside knowledge is going to be disclosed questions vanish, opinions vanish too. There is only room for that which is natural and spotaneous:  the growth. Have you heard about it? As a little girl, my parents were always ready to correct when necessary. With different styles, they did it like skilled artists who know exactly which color and which tecnique. Correction is essentially a  must when u are small and if originates from a heartful, patient, creative source then it will convert in effective and prosperous ways and styles.

Later on there is no more correction, at one point the power of self correcting will be already blossomed and is now nicely settling in.  No more parents or parents-substitute will explicitely correct your behaviour within a chat, a phone call or email because its operating by itself. Maybe also because there were no questions fom the very beginning. Zero “??????” and more acceptance. More acceptance leads to more self correction. And more self correction leads.


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