The right place to cultivate spirituality

They say the perfect place  to live is in ourself, that if we feel good in our spirit we feel good everywhere we live and go. This is partly right and partly wrong. To be the spirit should be the Priority goal in our life but to live in a place that suits our essence and development probably comes even before the spirit. Because we cannot be the spirit if practically we dont find the fertile soil to seed and cultivate our personality. How can the tree grow if there is no right place in the earth where to spread its own roots? How can the embryo grow if there is no warm womb ready to nourish him? When you are in the right place at the right moment you are also ready to keep growing.


2 thoughts on “The right place to cultivate spirituality

  1. Hmmm, but sometimes you cannot influence what place or moment you find yourself in. Isn’t it important to construct a place within yourself that you can always rely on to be a cozy retreat, no matter what the outer circumstances?

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