Where virtual games lead thru herbed halibut and new catastrofi


Popping by hub’s facebook page briskly reading “he just whipped up some fresh herbed halibut at some Cafe place” . Adorable Hub whipping fish at the stove in a Cafe’? No no, cannot be him. Or may be in his dream. So i left him a comment: can you do it at home for 1 time pleeeease? At least it will sound more enthusiastic than cooking halibut thru the Virtual cafe on facebook. I really really want to know where virtual games lead our mind and what is so attractive in them. The answer is nothing and it depends also on the time people spent on them, how big is the portion of our Complete attention stickying on them.

Instead of playing virtually you can just do it. Learn a recipe, have fun in the kitchen, chat with the fish shopper at the market, make up some relationship, and cook your halibut. It s just a fishy example but can be applied to virtual pokers, real estate, farmville, fashion shop: virtual games do cover all kinds of real world fields. They relax the mind? They alienate a person from human contacts? They give some distraction during the working time? They develop modern catches in the body & soul? You will know the answer soon while you play them.  

In addition, what is the percentage of attention = time, drooling on the end of the world stuff, the maya calendar, the astronomy and the prophecies; there is also a mad-catastrofe-effective movie called 2012 on that; how about focusing on exploration of divinity of the present world? the divinity of the human abilities and potential? …Like cooking some fresh halibut for example.

But the main point is of immense capacity. The whipping herbed fish is another story. An the end of the world stuff are a waste of sacred time. maybe  they are also connected.

[photo by national geographic stolen to another blog i dont remember the name]

How pure fun breaks down seriousness ‘nd misunderstandings

This is fabulous. It is the very first thing why i like China. But not only. This is an example for eveybody, whereva you are. Misunderstandings in our relationships and development processes always accompany us daily. Misunderstandings based on cultural or linguistic stuff, all kinds of things, human brain wants to be fooled by misunderstandings in general. A lot of them come from taking things seriously. Anything: ourself first, then people, places, situations. But i have seen those people who are really elevated personalities, for them joking is so essential. Yesterday i watched a old dvd (2007) of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi receiving people, or better the sahaja yogis, to Her home. The way She was joking, so often joking and having fun with them, so much laughing about people or gifts or the environment. A real sparkling concentrate of Life & Love. An ocean of pure Fun. Pure joy. When seriousness comes immediately the fun will break it down to a balanced point. The magic people know how to do that. Just like Shri Mataji.

Other people realized from inside, sometimes they are excellent artists and they have the ability to speak to our souls thru their creations. The way they come into interaction is just joy. All misunderstandings run away, all seriousness is lost forever…


HK Bulletin: people are scared here


Here I am again reporting first hand experience from one of the most crowdie and culturally varied places in the world, the Asian center for affair and finance, where the professionals keeps monitoring worldwide economical situation and the standard man/woman stays at office until eight or nine every day. I live in a local neighborhood close to the northwestern boarder with the mainland and every evening I see streams of children in kurtas and punjabis from Arabia or India in the street; they live here with their family and go to local schools too; their mothers buying potatoes and greens at the market when I am also there. Simply colorful and so beautiful.



Now it will begin a reportage from last Thursday and Friday: in a period of time of 48 hours a scary universe discloses to my eyes in one block! I just want to share it with you; there is even some comic side in it! In no order: 1. I go for throwing the strawberries leaves in a basket placed behind the girl who is sitted at the reception in the dance studio: she literally jumps off the chair for two times thinking that some kind of monster maybe is moving towards the basket. 2. Here it follows the scary adventure as it has been told by a friend who is looking for an Indian shop at the upper floor of one of the most ethnic and multicultural mansion in Hong Kong downtown: “ I see all these black men an I am with the direction written on a paper. They are kind and they really want to help me, but I am too scared and I am running in the building with them following me saying: don’t run, we just want to tell you where the place is”. I know this mansion very well being situated not far from my workplace: it is probably the only corner in the all city where you can literally spot bunches of faces from everywhere. It sounds so exciting, here I know the Indian uncle upstairs, he fixed my ghagra for an extremely cheap price, I come here alone to buy Coconut oil, bangles and Bollywood movies: some shoppers are really familiar to me. Moreover I use to do money exchange here when I need non Chinese currencies; they have some of the best conversions, even better than at the bank sometimes.

3. While walking towards the train in the metro suddenly somebody gently hugs me half from the back, I just turn my face to see and smile: it’s the same friend I met in the morning and she’s going: aren’t you scared? 4. At night I am making tea in the kitchen of the Yoga ashram of the city and a lady comes in “wow how do you do that? I could not be able to do it, and you know why, because I am really scared to turn on the fire”.

Now when Friday night arrives and I have been the receptacle of all these “scared of” testimonials I feel really shocked. In the kitchen I was just turning on the fire of the stove with an electrical gas lighter, a skill which requires a simple coordination of both your hands.

It’s true that the news are simply disgusting, everybody is saying so; the economy collapsed. Few weeks ago a colleague visited my desk for asking something about a product or a deadline but it was only an excuse to chat and soften+discharge his scary feelings about the fact that another company like ours had just fired more than 50 people the same day.


Do you know the joke from a 4 years old who is praying: And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”? 

Bombs are exploding in our cities, children are being assaulted and violated, families being displaced and attacked…there is so much trash accumulated in all our baskets and so many others who attempt to make it worst. But this is not a good reason to live our days with the stable feeling of “being afraid of this and that”. I mean we are divine. The divinity within us has to take full control so that all these stupid ideas are automatically blown away.




This is the train of life: chuk chuk chuk…. Rail chalee hai Jeevan ki

Hasna rona, jagna sona, khona pana sathie hai dukh-sukh

chuk chuk chuk

raat aur din is rail ke dibbey

Aur sanson ka engine hai

Umar hai is gadhi ke pahiye aur chita station hai

Jaisey do patri hai vaisey saatha chaley duck-suck

Chuk chuk chuk….

Pap aur punya ki gathri bandhey satya

Nagar ko jana hai

Jeevan nagari chodh kar hamko Nirmal Nagari aana hai

Yeh bhi soch lo hamne kya kya maal kiya hai book

Chuk chuk chuk….

HAPPY Raksha bandhan :)

For this year Raksha bandhan i prepared different rakis: made of pure turquoise silk thread and leather string with a fragment of shell or hard stones:

Few years ago i happened to be at my friends Meenu home when she was still living in New Jersey. we had great time together around Manatthan and so on. Her husband is cool and nice so I wanted him to be my raki brother and gave him a bandhan with a candle and a raki bracelet in a dish in the kitchen. He was content and also surprised saying he was from India but did not really know anything about Raksha bandhan actually. So if youalso want to know about it just remember its real meaning: strenghtening a relationship of purity between a brother and a sister. Very simple and also outrageously useful for a society of people who like to have great fun and enjoy life in all its Aspects all the time! Enjoy your raksha bandhan time!

There is always something in common with a sister

Just like these two flowers!

Two countries, two persons, two minds. There is always a little something in common which sparkling melt a couple. A vision, a thought, an idea. A star blinking from the ocean of the awareness. The colour, the shape, the language. Anything is a good excuse to integration and blossoming of personalities. Sisterhood is permeating all the cells of this Universe!

Cheers to sisterhood! 

A toy world

Working in the Toy industry makes me realizing that the way we speak at office for example is totally different, obviously, from the one used in other environments. We are asked to design materials for children, trying our best to be in touch with their way to communicate and understand things. I noticed that the best fiascos of our products are always motivated by the ignorance we project in the toy-planning. Subtle ignorance. There are people who have beautiful degrees in game designing, developomental psychology (myself), social science and so on. But still we have lots of difficulties to grasp the reality of the infancy world. The products very often happen to be complicated and serious just like they are not addressed to a child at all!

Hong Kong is a fantasy city where people daily surf incontrollable waves of fiction almost. It s a toy world where evrything is possible any moment, anywhere: this is the main message thrown out by the government through golden decorated messages. 

In general a toy kind of attitude is investing our daily life. For example the husband says to his wife: “did u finish to play with your toys in the kitchen? meaning “did you end the dish washing” or the auntie says to the child “let me play with my toy now, grabbing her cross-stitching set”. I hear the use of this toy word almost everywhere. What’s going on? It might be:

  • we want to go back to feel again like a child does, we want to rediscover our innocence
  • we want to get more detachment from our daily routine and compare it to a game

If these above are a couple of valid reasons, that s not too bad because the intention and the desire are going towards a positive way.




Why my other friends are not realized & the concern I feel for them


This is one of the heart breaking things for someone who has minimum of concern to see everybody happy and joyous around herself/himself. I meet friends everywhere I go either for job reasons, entertaining ones, other activities… There are plenty of factors which could be found that do not make these people realized in this life. The vibrations they emanate do really speak immediately and talk not beauties or joy very very often. These kind of vibes are also visible thru the face of each individual, thru their attitudes and speaking which travels towards my ears and impacts in some ways my person.


They follow reasons and evidences why these friends are not realized souls or realized people:

  • They talk about everything happens in their life making of small things the most gigantic ones in their attention
  • They are pretty glued to certain people/groups and it is very difficult for them to hang out with others completely different from them for hobbies, languages, ideas, etc, etc.
  • They make a big fuss about beliefs and believing, in the sense that they are looking for something or someone to believe in because their personal structure is too weak from within and helpless most of the times
  • Their face are tense and not relaxed all the time, they seem to live in a world of eternal emergency state
  • They make frequent talks about simplicity  
  • The movements of their body are not fluid and soft
  • They always wear the same “favourite” colors and styles with no originality
  • They easily get nervous beginning to use harsh words sometimes & not mastering themselves
  • They use repetitive patterns of language and communications in similar situations


What to do with these people? Find methods to address them towards self-realization?

How would be possible that:


Smiling at any time is really healthy?


After having crashed hundreds of times here in Hong Kong on the normally “serious” faces of the thousands of Chinese around with my “latino smile”, I realized that maybe I am a bit awkward. The always happy mood is not the best way to present yourself everytime. It is not true that smiling is cheerful and healthy. They say it activates lots of muscles on the face provoking a natural gymnastic for the facial tissues and so on. Thus it is beneficial. But I am reckoning no. I am absorbing this half sleeping mood of Chinaland, the gravity of her inhabitants, the fixed sight and the straight mouth they are used to exhibit regularly. That’s fine. My heart is still more smiling than ever so my face can bear to be relaxed at that way. It feels even peaceful not to express joy so neatly all the time.

Yesterday was Monday and I got a surprise at my office, something I defined “americanized” while chatting online with my mom in her office in Europe. I said “mom whats going on in the heads of the people, they want us to smile and cheer up three people each Monday from now on”. How is it? They launched a real campaign with smiling badgs, leaflets and posters! I couldnt stop to laugh for long time with other colleagues. We now need to be told to smile. The coordinator of the project came to my desk and said “Please keep smiling” while handing the yellow circled pin of the happy face with a cute heart painted on the eye.

all about f.o.r.G.i.v.e

I felt the lovely hug of a mother by reading the speech in English of H.H. Shri Nirmala Devi from last Sunday, Easter.
Few excerpts: A special day for forgiveness. And that is why I say whatever you would think that it is very late, but we have done a meeting, because I didn’t want to miss the time [the occasion]. Forgiveness comes from people who are very generous, who are good-hearted. You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes, but that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive.
So whatever might be your powers, whatever you have achieved in your life, whatever position you maybe occupying… but you must learn the way to forgive, otherwise you are nowhere near Christ. You must learn to forgive. That is such great quality if you can forgive, all the time forgive.
And that is why today I wanted to meet you all. I wanted to meet you all and tell you that today is the day to forgive. That does not mean that you sit down and think about how many people you have to forgive. That would be absurd. But something that haunts your mind and you think you have been troubled, have been in turmoil.


The interesting thing is that you don’t know how many powers you have and you don’t even forgive. Then you have all these powers and the greatest power you have got is to forgive.


Just forgive. For what? It is a practical thing. Most practical. Supposing somebody slaps you. Alright, if someone slaps me, what should I do? Should I slap him back? No. Then should I ask him, why did you slap me? No. Then I should think he must be a stupid fool to do like that? That won’t help. On the contrary, if you can just forgive, forgive that person who has done something wrong… For you it is important that you must forgive, because it has no effect on you… But if you forgive, it will have more effect. Your goodness, your righteousness…


 Thank you Lovely Adored Mother.
This is the Era of Forgiveness we are living at this time I think. Because everytime we forgive we are proceeding higher towards a wider opening of our top-of-the-brain. If we want to have an open mind, thing that seems so much trendy nowadays, we must forgive, no other way actually. Forgiveness is the fastest way to open the mind, the safest, the most enriching and fulfilling, the most noble, the coolest, the most natural one. There are too many points in favour of this attitude, quality.
Today I find forgiveness really exciting, so reassuring feeling the heart beats going in such a rythmical and confident way every time you for-give-it! It s almost the same feeling of when you give a beautiful wrapped gift to somebody and you feel joy for having got and prepared it specifically for that person. It s like giving a present …


So what is helpful to give such a gift to the others? I am considering two things which are cool:
1) Be forgiven by others and automatically absorb this action in form of vibration into yourself. I have been living these kinds of circumstances where my huuuuge naughtiness has been forgiven so marvelously by the most important people, the parents (and not only them). It felt like swimming in the pure world of comprehension, cause I knew i was so badly mistaking.
2) Meditate on forgiveness by watching how the egoistical and conditioned attitude act thru our person in all the different occasions.
the beauty of the heart
is the lasting beauty:
its lips give to drink
of the water of life.
truly it is the water,
that which pours,
and the one who drinks.
all three become one when
your talisman is shattered.
that oneness you can’t know
by reasoning.

Career: Three elements to absolutely work on/out

 There is so much attention on career these days: books printed out, seminars organized, talks and chats at office, during lunch and at home. We are also bombarded by so many ads about self-improvements, self-growth, self-this and that. Another thing is that we also know that each and every individual cannot improve alone, he needs some good humus that only the collectivity he’s plugged in can give. This is the reason why a big part of the general attention is also on the team work, the power of the collective. I would dare to say that we still do not know anything about how to live collectively in a full satisfied way. If we would then so many problems would just dissolve because they would be disintegrated in some kind of vortex which is even bigger than the individual mind.


 There are 3 enormous obstacles which block the professional growth, followed by comments from the expert:

1) guilt:

 I think this is a modern tecnique, to feel guilty. Some sort of a modernism is in it because I dont know how it has worked out. And this modernism of this horrible thing called “guilt” is something that really […] to clear out.

2) no pro-collective skills

So today’s understanding should be that we all should become collective from inside. We should not grudge or grumble about everything – and enjoy the collectivity.

But the second side of collectivity is this: do not try to exploit the collectivity, otherwise you’ll be in trouble…When you are collective, you have to be respecting the collectivity of others. By your presence, another person should not, by any chance, suffer or should not feel in any way insulted or inconvenienced. So when you are in the ollective, it should be such that another person should enjoy your company, enjoy you being there. That is something where there is no problem. But if you are demanding and if you are asking for things and you think no end of yourself, you cannot at ll be collective by any chnace, but you’ll suffer for that. Automatically you will suffer.

3) anger 

[…] Like anger, people always boast “I’m very angry with him”. Just make that anger into forgiveness and you’ll see the person.  Instead of you getting into problems, he will get into problems. Anger will upset you, but forgiveness will upset him, automatically. It’s the biggest weapon you have got, is to forgive […]. And this will give you self-respect, taht you ar enot disturbed by anything you see.

Like a ship has to be seaworthy – if you put the ship on the sea and if it breaks, what’s the us of making a ship?[…] You have to be seaworthy and if you are seaworthy nothing can disturb you. 

Reading these excerpts and meditating on them, I found out they really well fit the need of people (like me) working full time for middle or big companies. Watch the obstacles out! They are some kind of viruses leading to further complications. For example they will make the person degenerate towards un-constructive behaviours, damaging not only the individual image but also the one of the company. Moreover they will provoke interminable waste of precious time and money for everybody at different levels.

That is beautiful!

I am so much enamored of all the beauty surrounding myself and my world, my city and my heart. To be attracted by beauty is the most exciting and peaceful thing you can experience. Trust me. It comes just alone, just with spontaneity, you are not aware you are going towards the Beauty. The beauty of the people, the beauty of the paintings, the beauty of the books, the beauty of the blogs, the beauty of the words, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the landscapes….there is so much beauty in this world,  a beauty which is like a magnet and leaves in you a feeling of satisfaction and pure enjoyment. Your eyes will automatically go into the right direction of beauty and you will notice how good you feel during this experience.

While seeking for beauty in the things and in the persons I found out that the all process:

Makes the mind bright and creative.   

Makes the person never bored.

Makes the person recognizing the truth in the different situations.   

Gives an immediate and reliable understanding of the reality.

Makes the body + brain cells maturing with a freshness and a sparkle which are visible thru the person’s attitude.   

Brings peace inside and outside in the environment.

Gives a creative, dynamic and efficient approach to the problem solving tasks.   

Improves human relationships and widen social life.


But what is beauty?!