Top ten songs in Italian dialects, especially in Napoletano – tagged!

 Neapolitan is so rich in expressions an methapors that one life is not enough to know them all. They are very creative and usually use animals or natural phenomenas to explain human nature and character. There are books of poetries, poems and stories that use this language. Here you will find 10 songs (title/info): they are sung  in (language in orange) 3 of the all dialects spoken in Italy (see wiki map of their distribution here)


~1~  (Come back May!) meridionale

~2~ (accompanied by the typical “mandolino the small guitar of Aabian origin overused in southern of italy songs) meridionale

~3~ (Where is Zaza, “it is almost a theatrical piece”) meridionale

~4~ (it started with a commercial about the new metro called “funicolare” in the city of Neaples) meridionale

 ~5~ (You are great) meridionale

~6~ (instrumental chello & oud)

~7~  (location & inspiration of the band is: Sicily island & Southeast Mediterraneum) meridionale estremo

~8~ (Red moon)  meridionale

~9~ (location of the band: island of sardinia) sardo

~10~ (it s fun, dedicated to a parrot) meridionale

This is the continuum of the tag Melodious, Soulful songs

9 thoughts on “Top ten songs in Italian dialects, especially in Napoletano – tagged!

  1. aaaaaahhh i am enjoyin your tag too much. but because i am plugged into music almost 24 hours wherever i am and whatever i am duing (by radha)

  2. Hi Radha, Great Blog. Congrats.

    Check out the famous napolitan song – core ‘ngrato. There are a lot of covers but apart from the originial , I love the version by Dominic Chianese. I think it should be on your list.

    Brilliant lyrics and passionate singing.. Italian music at its best.

    Cheers !!

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