Tigers on the moon? How to ruin a great dvd work

We re watching a BBC dvd from the Planet Earth series focused on endangered species. Interiews of a lot of people involved in ecology on different levels. One of them, a lady from a big American zoo who develops plans of conservation of the animal species living there said they have frozen the animal DNA because “let’s say in 50 years, man can say <ah the species doesnt exist anymore, but, wait a minut! we have the frozen DNA, we can make another animal>. We dont know what will happen, we cant even think about it now, maybe we can reproduce new animals and populate another planet, why not?” She is just talking nonsense. I dont understand why they’ve included such kind of inteview in a dvd of high quality content like this. It ruined the all work. But Enjoy this, it s about elephants:



2 thoughts on “Tigers on the moon? How to ruin a great dvd work

  1. She also stated that we landed on the moon in 1963. These are the same people that tell us that Global Warming is real as it snows in March. Man people will believe anything

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