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  1. the oldest connection
  2. real sign of Intercultura by R.Tagore
  3. power spreads thru the writing side of people
  4. the mother fo the world
  5. travelling to search for the within mother
  6. Momo and the time
  7. tribute to freedom: documentary
  8. why are human beings imposing creatures?
  9. indian village in Madhya Pradesh
  10. the power is within and you need a dark indian night to realize it
  11. do forgive and be forgiven; a circle
  12. background life music for double cleansing
  13. pure music in pure body (part 1)
  14. pure music in pure body (part 2)
  15. pure music in pure body (last part)
  16. i know not from distant time thou
  17. developing love is basic reality for educating children
  18. reviving Chinese force
  19. how it feels about living on a beach for almost two decades
  20. three minutes on the banks of Gange
  21. close up on a alcoholfree emind
  22. there is always somthing in common with a sister
  23. to me i am not known
  24. to my mother for her birthday
  25. if you open one door the air wont come in


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