Best 5 modern Songs with a message within.

Experience which transliterates thru a powerful song is something really valuable. Not always a song tells about a true experience or a flow of feelings. WHAT is good in a song that makes it empowering?? Few points:

  • It has a great lyric, poetic. Not just words but words with a meaning and with some experience in them, as the singer would connect you to his/her own life happenings and understanding sharing a message emitting something positive to the listener.
  • Energizing at musical level making feel joy and desire to embrace life in all its aspects; at this point it can be slower and deep striking innermost silent chords giving a still and peaceful mood or strong and up beat for uplifting and dancing thru the notes.

“let my eyes see what you see

the infinite sky”

1. Ocean ~ Nicki Wells


Where you invest your love you invest your life”

2. Awake My Soul ~ Mumford & sons


“we are young

3. We Are Young  feat. Janelle M.~ FUN


“questions of science, science and progress

do not speak as loud as my heart”

4. The Scientist ~ Coldplay  

“you are the flower of tomorrow”

5. Antwerp and rain ~ Marie Joelle



Hit of this Sunday


Maiya tere char. no ki

yadi dhul. jo mil. jaye

Sach. keh.ta hu Nir.mal. Ma

Tak. dir. badal. jaye

Maiya tere char. no ki


Yeh man. bada chan chal. hai

Kese tera dyan. karu ise sam. jau ise behelau hi machal. jaye


Sun. te hai teri reh. mat.

Din. rat. bar.s.ti hai

Ek. bund. jo mil.jaye

dil. ki kali khil. jaye


Naj. ro se giraa na na

chahe saja dena se jo gir. ja ye

Mush. kil. hi sambhal. paye


Maiya is. ji wan. ki

Bas. it. ni tama na hai

Tumi sa mine ho meh. re

Mera jiwan hi sambhal. jaye