Shing Mun Forest

This is the water reservoir behind home. There have been other posts with pictures from there but every time there is something new & attractive for the focus of our camera. so each post is always different in colors and patterns…


We are all connected

This little story I experienced yesterday amazed me a lot!!I moved to another desk at my office, so this week went thru all the cleaning and ordering routines of course. Books, pens, cards…and I run into a wonderful picture of children running in circle, smiling, very beautiful. I always seek for inspiring pics to be surrounded with, especially pics related to the innocence of our kids (since all my tasks at work are strongly linked to it). I hang up the big picture of the circle. Yesterday I turn again the look at it, to the faces of the children absorbed by the sunlight. They are so joyous – I think and keep watching. Ops there are few names up there in micro graphics, I read them carefully and I find the name of a person I know. He is a professional photographer in Europe, lives in Italy and I use to see him and his Indian wife when I go to India or in Cabella!

Do you know something called the collective consciousness?