Peng Chau: the island of the bycicles

Peng Chau is the weekend destination of families and couples who seek to escape the imposing environment of Hong Kong city. From Central Pier there is a ferry every hour and you can reach the island in 30 minuts.

The first thing you will notice are the bycicles in line on the pier and scattered around the narrow streets and the small plaza. Peng Chau reserve for you an atmosphere of coziness and colors also perfect for children.

There are several small beaches, all at measure of this tiny island on the west side of the South Chinese Sea (Hong Kong area). The most popular is the long and wide one just in front of the pier since it is close to downtown. The seawater seems to be shallow and secure, that’s why it is the favourite of the local families with kids. The beaches are allined along a path now crossing the village now facing directly the seaside.

Old style houses mix with new buildings. There is a beach not far from the pier which with 2 big tents is perfect for yoga seminars and swims.  Another tiny beach is located at the end of the path, rubber shoes are recommended here since it’s a very rockey one. At least the sunset is awsome from here and you can enjoy bathing in the sunrays water! 

Time for dinner. A couple of traditional restaurants are waiting for you on the pier: fried Chinese rice, fresh pomelo water and sugar cane. Or a Western dining with delicious pizzas and juicy pasta carbonara offers indoor and outdoor comfortable tables. Two place to not miss for shopping are: the local lady who paints and bake beautiful ceramics and the Chinese artcraft store with one century furnitures from China and Mongolia. Peng Chau has it all!