Positive effects of (sahaja) meditation

Once people keep nurturing their organs and subtle aspects thru the meditative silent, they can also expect miracolous plus fun-filled happenings along the way! Always spontaneous! And sahaja means just spontaneous in sanskrit. I had volunteered at my office to train about 20 people in a Stretch&Dance workshop, as we called it. I am lucky enough to work stimulated by a department of Human Resource whose coordinator is interested in creative, diverse and intercultural activities, always searching for those ones in order to stimulate and support good relationships and healthy culture among us.

Recently we have talked a lot about stress and I dont know how I ended up in training room to show and dance with them:

  • at the rythme of Lagaan soundtracks in circle with Indian wooden sticks
  • with simple steps of break-dance and salsa
  • by doing stretching exercises both on the mat and standing
  • by trying simple mudras and bharatnatyam steps
  • by having a short head and back massage in a train of people
  • by stretching on the wave of modern dance styles

A short mix and taste of everything I knew so far. But we enjoyed so much that i am afraid we will have new rounds. Infact the comments were really positive, I heard people who had come in with a big headacke and left the room light and really fine. I call these: “positive effects of the meditation” because words were hardly spoken during the whole session and people just jumped into the flow of the lovely music and fun. Laughters were great, stress was left out of the door, an experiment well done!

Other tracks used were from Lisa Ono, Kenny G, Zephyr, Indialucia, Miyasaki. The music has been no stop and probably this is one of the reason why the energy level was kept on a good one. The session started with a short head massage pressing in different points of the head to activate the circulation of the brain and starting to awaken the sensibility of our last chakra called sahasrara.

  • The idea of accompanying the session with two main exercises in group has been based on the fact that working in collectivity with linked hands or in circle or in train ir does increase the level of understanding and cooperation among the people.
  • The idea of preparing exercises where people had to touch the hands or the shoulders of another person is also based on the fact that softly touching another person for a supportive aim (massage for example) does help the ability to give and to open to the other in a subtle way too.
  • There were only 4 men which I knew from before and that is the reason I brought the wooden sticks. We gave importance to them by letting them dancing in the middle of the circle while all the women were following spontaneous feminine movements (yes Indian ones!) and steps all around.  
  • The intercultural element was also touched: musics were from Japan, India, Australia, England, Brazil.

The most important: enjoyement and freshness were the most important characteristics which completed our experiment.