Hit of this Sunday


Maiya tere char. no ki

yadi dhul. jo mil. jaye

Sach. keh.ta hu Nir.mal. Ma

Tak. dir. badal. jaye

Maiya tere char. no ki


Yeh man. bada chan chal. hai

Kese tera dyan. karu

jit.na ise sam. jau

Jit.na ise behelau

Ut.na hi machal. jaye


Sun. te hai teri reh. mat.

Din. rat. bar.s.ti hai

Ek. bund. jo mil.jaye

dil. ki kali khil. jaye


Naj. ro se giraa na na

chahe kit.ni saja dena

Naj.ro se jo gir. ja ye

Mush. kil. hi sambhal. paye


Maiya is. ji wan. ki

Bas. it. ni tama na hai

Tumi sa mine ho meh. re

Mera jiwan hi sambhal. jaye

Today is my mother’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday and i cant miss this opportunity to celebrate Her because she deserves this small gift and much much more. I will tell for the occasion why it is cool to have a mother who is not even 19 years difference from you. A young mother who had grown up during the Sixties in Italy is quite a blast to have.

  • She knows everything about womanhood, how to dress up, how to take care of the skin, how to speak, how to wait and be patient, how to tease, how to make friends, how to keep good relationships with all the relatives.
  • She is the fortress of the chastity and the charme simultaneously. Her life is my inspiring example. She knows that simplicity and practical attitude, when combined, make best results in the collective and family. Her alertness always amazes me because she always knows what the core of a problem is and how to solve it quickly and with descrition.
  • She is loving and caring, always giving good patient advices and understanding around. She cooks for anybody comes home which is very often filled with friends and relatives every week. She is comfortable to get along with and extremely funny and positive. She loves jokes and has the ability to see the positive sides of everything.
  • She loves traveling and discovering new places and new cultures. We are parallel and currently she is keeping an high interest into Chinese developments and customes because her elder daughter is living in HK. She is not really adventurous and well grounded into true choices. Infact she is quite of a realistic person who does not get convinced about things that often. She likes to experiment changes and happenings by herself without relying too much on what people say.
  • She is definitely spiritually oriented and with an high level of emotional intelligence well estabilished and developed. I’ve tried too often to compare her with other women of her age and i had to realize that her brain is beautifully advanced. One of the proof is that she  gave birth for the first time at 18 and was always a responsible and confident girl. She is not religious but she cle aarly believes in god and His plans all the times. We have a subtle communication on a nice level. We also talk about it without showing too much surprise because we are both aware of the strong connection between us. We can communicate well without speaking and she knows immediately how i am and what is going on with me even without talking.
  • She is a lion, brave and courageous, a great guide and a leader at the essence. People seek for her suggestions and feel protected and supported by her way of being.

H A P P Y      L O V E L Y     B I R T H D A Y     M A M I

[photo: by photopoetry]

oh mothers!

oh mothers! pls dnt be fashionable, nor sexy nor intelligent. we just want you to be yourself, to go deep down into your roots and to know youe mother within. oh mothers! please help us to emancipate this wonderful unique world left. with love, r.

[the picture is a commercialized message to attract the mothers attention in Hong kong city]

Thoughts recorded by the “daughter within” myself


From the Mother:

Don’t lie to me because I already know everything about you.

Don’t ask too much, you also have to know when keep silent. 

Are you conscious of what you are doing? Or you just don’t care? 

Play with and love all your friends coming from other countries because they are children just like you. 

Why do you want to study psychology?  

Enjoy the people any moment you spend with them because you don’t know when you are going to see them again. 

Don’t use a bad language otherwise it will be retorted against yourself one day. 

You have to be a little bit fatter. Men don’t like skinny ladies. 

You have to use comfortable heels you can walk on because you are a woman. Also use skirts more often then pants. 

Help your sister and forgive her all the time if something goes wrong.

It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to listen anything else, you should just forgive that person. Just forgive okey?   

From the Father:

You should not think about money too much because money will come. The most important for you is to behave in a honest and respectful way with your colleagues and supervisors. In this way you ‘ll get any job you wish. 

I expect the other people to talk good about you when they meet me. I don’t want to hear any complaining about you. 

You should nor copy nor follow anybody, you should be yourself all the time and seek for the dimension you are looking for. 

Listen to the people and be interested in their life.

Don’t talk to much, by listening you can grow faster. Listen especially to the elders because the fact that they have white hair it means they can count on a longer experience than yours.

 If its possible try to help everybody at the same way. 

Life is beautiful because is never the same. 

Life is a game. Sometimes its like playing card, you have to decide which card to put down in order to make the best play.  

Don’t lie to anybody otherwise your life will become very confused and complicated and you mind will go crazy. 

When you go to sleep at the end of the day see if your consciousness is clean and light. Every day you should test it. 

Don’t think about the past, it is totally unuseful and blocks your growth. 

Measure yourself, you must know how far you can walk anytime. Don’t make a step longer than your leg (Italian proverb)

Talk to yourself in the mirror. When mistaken have the courage to tell yourself “you are not good, you did something wrong, now forgive it and keep going”. 

Who knows yourself better? Yourself or the others? 

You have to find equilibrium in everything you do and say. 

You should have discipline with yourself, try to get up early every morning. Don’t spoil your body. 

Don’t smoke and don’t take any drug otherwise you will become addicted and loose control upon yourself. 

Don’t believe in the love is commercialized around by the TV and at the movie theatre. This is not the real love. 

The politicians are all there to make you laugh, they are like comics. Same the TV shows.

The culture is not important, the experience is more important.