Verses inspired by a dream in phase REM

Come to my heaven you are my son
See all the water, the flowers and the sky
We can swim in this sweet ocean
We can eat honey from flowers everyday
We can dance in the garden of Love
Come to my heaven you are my son
I saw you jumping on your brother
Making jokes with your sister
I am delighted my son
Your hair are shining and tigerly
The nature wants you to be like that
You belong to my heaven
Since ever you were my son
See your bothers and sisters
They are all around the garden
Laughing and playing
I can hear them giggling
They are living a dream of truth
Come to my heaven you are my son
Your mouth, velvet
Your skin, silk
Your eyes dark pearls
Your dresses petals
You are my son
Living in my heaven
Your smiling is eternally free