The greatest teacher

Sitting down here you can think about anybody – your mother, father, anybody. You will know each centre you are catching and all these centres denote something within you. But if you want me to teach you everything in one day, it’s not possible. You have to give some time to yourself, that’s all. I think that’s the only thing needed, that you have to give some time to yourself and you have to value yourself.

Nirmala Devi Srivastava, 1979

Why humans cannot be sweet and diplomatic ALL THE TIMES?

Because they are just humans probably and they have no desire to ascent on another more developed and enriched level of personality. It is the only answer it came to my mind in this exact moment.

I just new by phone from my outstanding mother that the famous flame-torch of the Olympics got stuck somewhere in a huge land called Europe and that some inhabitants of human kind (like me) have designed the five circles of the olympic flag in another way, more metallic and corny kinda. I said: mami why can’t we be sweet and diplomatic each other all the times? She did not have any answer and stayed silent for long time.