Tools for unlocking people souls

Any PhD around to get these tools? No sorry. It’s beyond intellectual life. One very small hint is the dialect. We live in a world of dialects. Sometimes dialects are made official languages other times they just survive to the flow of changes. With my gramma I had to talk dialect although she could speak and understand the country official language very well from school time. I heard Easyjet, an airline company based in London, is planning to use dialects on board during three main Italian routes from north to south and vicevesa.  During lunch break n Hong Kong it s a ritual,you go out forlunch and you have to speak dialect. But at one condition only: because you want to unlock people soul.

Otherwise you can choose to  keep your foreigner soul growing bigger and get lost in confusion with the time.  Any magic tool is pure c h o i c e .

[image is from national geographic best 2009]

Sound of integration in the skyes and streets of New York & Hong Kong

It is been a week now that i am shivering at moments and crying rivers having incredible tears into my eyes no matter where i am located, if at my desk at office, if on the bus, if at home doing something. As soon as the attention is on America the emotions come flowing strong. This is Michelle Obama the way she talked about her brother, the parents, the daughters and the husband. Importance of family, of bounding and connecting beyond diversities. Importance of finding common points to share and on which to build up the oneness of a country. So boundlessly inspiring!

Before coming to stay in HK, exactly 3 years ago, I did not know anything about this city and never was attracted by learning more about it. After having had a two years experience in NY between 1999 and 2002 first thought was: well, it’s gonna be the same, maybe few more Chinese faces but the level of integration and internationalism will be moreless as in NY. And since i already got the experience for me it will be super easy and smooth. Poor little girl! How wrong she was!

Listening to the keynotes addressed by Obama’s wife I immediately get the feeling of what an ardent desire for integration of a place, whether a country or a city, is. And Hong Kong is strongly lacking this feeling in the deep of the heart of her people. This city seems to have an extremely long journey for integration ahead. Integration now here sounds like a cute little bell of the size of the ones used to tie around a cat’s neck, whose jingling is too weak and imperceptible. Instead thru Michelle Obama’s message integration looks resounding like festive fireworks on a busy night where everybody attention is only waiting to turn in that direction. But the little cat walking along the sidewalks in Hong Kong: who will listen to it?  

Bouquet called Universe

I want to smell like roses, lilies, daisies and fresias…

All the flowers of the whole world

I want to become fresh and travel in the air

Spreading everywhere in the atmosphere, in the smog, in the cool air

and in the humid weather

In every place where there are breathing people

So that they can smell the flavor of my bouquet

And start dancing while following it with their nose

I want their brain get sparkles of this smell from inside out

And the neurons start moving on the fragrant notes

Of the new enlightened awareness

The pure smell of the universe

The fragrance of the One

There is always something in common with a sister

Just like these two flowers!

Two countries, two persons, two minds. There is always a little something in common which sparkling melt a couple. A vision, a thought, an idea. A star blinking from the ocean of the awareness. The colour, the shape, the language. Anything is a good excuse to integration and blossoming of personalities. Sisterhood is permeating all the cells of this Universe!

Cheers to sisterhood! 

Enlightenment loves integration

 What’s our mind form? Do we usually tend to unite or to divide? It’s a very wide question but it can probably offer an input about personal psychology and self-understanding.For example they can ask: is it the Hong Kong people attitude the same as the mainland China’s one? The united tending mind is more tempted to answer yes and prefers to firstly enunciate a common vision of the idea.Well – would say – most of the people living in Hong Kong have at least one generation who was settled in the Mainland before spreading down to the city. Moreover the attitude of their heart is just the same, cordial, open and smiling, treating the guests with respect. It does not make any difference if they live in a small or large town. Although their lifestyle is different, the basic behavioral way of acting unites them.  Can I say that to discriminate between good and bad also requires a united mind? For example the Honoris Causam awarded psychologist Nirmala Srivastava states: “The discrimination between good and bad becomes one in your mind, becomes one of your inner temperament, then you are always very much satisfied because you know you are not doing something which is wrong”.