That is beautiful!

I am so much enamored of all the beauty surrounding myself and my world, my city and my heart. To be attracted by beauty is the most exciting and peaceful thing you can experience. Trust me. It comes just alone, just with spontaneity, you are not aware you are going towards the Beauty. The beauty of the people, the beauty of the paintings, the beauty of the books, the beauty of the blogs, the beauty of the words, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the landscapes….there is so much beauty in this world,  a beauty which is like a magnet and leaves in you a feeling of satisfaction and pure enjoyment. Your eyes will automatically go into the right direction of beauty and you will notice how good you feel during this experience.

While seeking for beauty in the things and in the persons I found out that the all process:

Makes the mind bright and creative.   

Makes the person never bored.

Makes the person recognizing the truth in the different situations.   

Gives an immediate and reliable understanding of the reality.

Makes the body + brain cells maturing with a freshness and a sparkle which are visible thru the person’s attitude.   

Brings peace inside and outside in the environment.

Gives a creative, dynamic and efficient approach to the problem solving tasks.   

Improves human relationships and widen social life.


But what is beauty?!