Neighbor colors and patterns.

Wandering and browsing around my neighbor makes me feel very energetic and happy. There are plenty of colorful stuff to look at, some traditional some modern. I m in love with both and with the taste of balance which you can see thru them. Cool and positive traditions should be noticed carefully and enjoyed as much as possible because they represents the projection of human beings to create a healthy society. There is lots to see every time i go downtown and watch the people and the places. they ar never the same, there is always some tiny difference, some improvement or something to discard. Usually i have iPhone on hand but every time i promise myself to bring the high quality camera with zoom and great lens. Hope you will enjoy these quick shots took on a rushey afternoon weekend break.

A common “drink and snacks grocery” located at street level. The order is nice to watch.

Somebody is going for a delivery soon, it’s tea-time. Somebody else is going for a city walk.

Somebody else is going for a city walk.

There is usually lots of work in progress on the streets. Holes, wooden tables resembling tiny bridges on sidewalk, workers busy to fix and crash pieces of cement or other materials. we actually live in a no stop legoland!

It’s really fantastic to roam inside the small streets too, they normally connect two main roads or have a dead end. They carry some interesting details of some job at some point. Like a wooden ladder left on a wall. Or a bike, well, a classic here. Or a table with the today menu for a lunch set or dinner.

There is much wore to visualize, some windows, some other street scene with people. It’s a great neighbor, very lively fun and energetic. Here are some people and a street seller with its treasures for the sewing box. Finally again the order of the colors, a detail of neatness.


Busy weeks

And busy weekend too. It is midnite and i should run to bed but i cant resist to drop few lines in a sort of diary form here to break the blogged silence at BI. It seems to me i am living a course, my days in HK are very much similar to some kind of natural training merely based on the things i do or that i have to do. To be more coincise here is a list of things i ve been learningthe last couple of weeks in the Hot Hong Kong:

1. Chinese furniture is among the best in the world especially when it comes with lots of carvings and beautiful hand paintings and when the wood is of the original reddish like 100 years ago, because red means good luck. We have visited several shops of antiques and i feel so much vibrations all the time. Some cabinets arrived from Mongolia, they show interesting flowers, others from china show the animals of the Zodiac and scenes from the Opera stage. i am totally amazed, they are expensive but i am going to negotiate and get the best price for a couple of pieces in the next weeks. My husband is not convinced but he will be. the thing is that Chinese do not like to have these furniture style in their current home, they consider it too old and “expired” but they dont understand this is another art: patrimony of humanity. Nowaday we have Ikea and company but there is no comparison with the enextimable value of a historical cabinet for example. In europe we appreaciate this idea alot and in fact the best customers here in China are all people from the West. I met Celine from  To Tsu kok, in this ultra decennial shop you can get your treasures directly shipped at home, no matter where you are living.

2. HK is getting paralyzed because of inflation problems. Everything from the market to the clothes (primary goods) is increasing of price. i am saving a lot of money and buying only the necessary we daily need. We must be focused. At work people are living and being cut out because of some inner-company mechanism that it doe srequire a longer post with more info. The atmosphere in the offices is getting weird, at moments seems completely relaxed and empty, at moments seems terrible and heavy. People are getting sick and insecure. They do not want to understand themselves and they blame external parts all the times.

3. The people who have plugged themselves into the understanding of the Subtle are becoming so attached to the natural cleansing tecniques that you dont want to disturb them with any other thing. Candle treatments, Camphor treatments, massages, footsoak in salty water are becoming extremely popular and assidous in these days when the earth warming is also increasing at superior levels. Myself I am paricularly enjoying great swimming times during the weekends (back to my roots 🙂 and at the same time i am so badly missing my native country (Italy) where the Summer time is the Best time ever of the Year.

4.  Watching Olympics was never so entertaining. Wherever we go, restaurants, friends homes, offices the telly is airing those sportive channels. I am admiring some of the athlets whose sportive discipline is quite cool. on teh other hand I am discovering some other funny sports that should be directly eliminated from the list everywhere on the planet. At judo for example it is evident that the animal instinct of the human being plays a predominant role. Why do we have to forget that we are born to ascend spiriually and to engage in activity which are dignified and elevating for our own human nature? Why do humans keep doing stupid choices?? (Sportive)Food for another post here. I ‘d also like to know if any of you stepped onto a podium any time in his/her life for having won a sportive competition.

It is time to go to sleep now. see you 🙂