Importance of emotions in China (basic intro)

Emotions should not be confused with romanticism or extreme feelings or behaviours which bring the person into a constant low-level-mood. In Europe emotions are a frequent object of discussions and works since the kindergarden at a scholastic level. All the teachers are required to introduce in their plan some activities focused on the importance of letting the children express their emotional side. Sometimes it is not considered  how deep the activity degree is but it should include good food for the emotional side.  Good for the emotional side. Well, many teachers do not really know what it is good and what it is bad for the emotional side of the children simply becuase they themselves did not have 100% positive experience in their emotional life, so the first thing is that a teacher should be a greatly aware and sensible person, self realized and spiritually oriented in order to nourish the immature emotions of a kid and watch them grow.

In China the educational system, and simultaneously the family system, is still at sunrise level . Although Chinese families are among the strongest in the world, this strenght surely does not come out of open awareness and emotional intelligence. Sorry, not at all. But the future may be more prosperous and clear and hopefully many more families and children will get the benefit of an healthy emotional life.

Guys of my age for example here have the problem that they have to sustain the family, both economically and emotional. The parents of the modern China have had very difficult moments in the past years and as everybody knows the economical side is now starting to move on. As a consequence the slice of the population over 50ies / 60ies face dramatic situations deep into their inner intimacy, into their inner self. This is one of the main reason why on a spiritual level there is so much conditioning and ritualism until to the most serious illness. No difference either in mainland China and in Hong Kong or Macau. I’am convinced the Chinese emotional side is weak everywhere you go. I touched it with my hands, or better with my heart (moreover i am merried to a Chinese) and i am ready to post more about this delicate matter which should be a founding stone of the modern Chinese essence. Stay tuned if you are interested. Luv, r.