Eurasian conversations about digital and hand drawings

Digital painting is going towards the direction close to the human result, 80% already so close maybe. tech is unlimited, its application always depends on the people, their skills, their knowledge, if they are high then you can make very difficult drawings.

This conversation started after watching director Miyazaki at this Summer Venice Film Festival talking about his passion for the hand drawing animations.

 Well it is possible that Miyazaki does not have a complete knowledge of all the tech available now, that is probably the reason why he perfers the pencil. How about the feeling? the different emotions and actions which can be transmitted by hand or by digital painting? Exactly the same feeling, because now we use the computer screen just like the paper and the pen like a pencil on it. The innovation is also studying how to formulate touch screen brushes which will give the same effect of an oil painting for example. Wow!! The problem will be the printing at one point. Infact on a canvas you have a certain texture and dimension and to reproduce it exactly from the computer is not easy at the moment. Who knows? Now we are working on it.