HK Bulletin: people are scared here


Here I am again reporting first hand experience from one of the most crowdie and culturally varied places in the world, the Asian center for affair and finance, where the professionals keeps monitoring worldwide economical situation and the standard man/woman stays at office until eight or nine every day. I live in a local neighborhood close to the northwestern boarder with the mainland and every evening I see streams of children in kurtas and punjabis from Arabia or India in the street; they live here with their family and go to local schools too; their mothers buying potatoes and greens at the market when I am also there. Simply colorful and so beautiful.



Now it will begin a reportage from last Thursday and Friday: in a period of time of 48 hours a scary universe discloses to my eyes in one block! I just want to share it with you; there is even some comic side in it! In no order: 1. I go for throwing the strawberries leaves in a basket placed behind the girl who is sitted at the reception in the dance studio: she literally jumps off the chair for two times thinking that some kind of monster maybe is moving towards the basket. 2. Here it follows the scary adventure as it has been told by a friend who is looking for an Indian shop at the upper floor of one of the most ethnic and multicultural mansion in Hong Kong downtown: “ I see all these black men an I am with the direction written on a paper. They are kind and they really want to help me, but I am too scared and I am running in the building with them following me saying: don’t run, we just want to tell you where the place is”. I know this mansion very well being situated not far from my workplace: it is probably the only corner in the all city where you can literally spot bunches of faces from everywhere. It sounds so exciting, here I know the Indian uncle upstairs, he fixed my ghagra for an extremely cheap price, I come here alone to buy Coconut oil, bangles and Bollywood movies: some shoppers are really familiar to me. Moreover I use to do money exchange here when I need non Chinese currencies; they have some of the best conversions, even better than at the bank sometimes.

3. While walking towards the train in the metro suddenly somebody gently hugs me half from the back, I just turn my face to see and smile: it’s the same friend I met in the morning and she’s going: aren’t you scared? 4. At night I am making tea in the kitchen of the Yoga ashram of the city and a lady comes in “wow how do you do that? I could not be able to do it, and you know why, because I am really scared to turn on the fire”.

Now when Friday night arrives and I have been the receptacle of all these “scared of” testimonials I feel really shocked. In the kitchen I was just turning on the fire of the stove with an electrical gas lighter, a skill which requires a simple coordination of both your hands.

It’s true that the news are simply disgusting, everybody is saying so; the economy collapsed. Few weeks ago a colleague visited my desk for asking something about a product or a deadline but it was only an excuse to chat and soften+discharge his scary feelings about the fact that another company like ours had just fired more than 50 people the same day.


Do you know the joke from a 4 years old who is praying: And forgive us our trash baskets as we forgive those who put trash in our baskets.”? 

Bombs are exploding in our cities, children are being assaulted and violated, families being displaced and attacked…there is so much trash accumulated in all our baskets and so many others who attempt to make it worst. But this is not a good reason to live our days with the stable feeling of “being afraid of this and that”. I mean we are divine. The divinity within us has to take full control so that all these stupid ideas are automatically blown away.




This is the train of life: chuk chuk chuk…. Rail chalee hai Jeevan ki

Hasna rona, jagna sona, khona pana sathie hai dukh-sukh

chuk chuk chuk

raat aur din is rail ke dibbey

Aur sanson ka engine hai

Umar hai is gadhi ke pahiye aur chita station hai

Jaisey do patri hai vaisey saatha chaley duck-suck

Chuk chuk chuk….

Pap aur punya ki gathri bandhey satya

Nagar ko jana hai

Jeevan nagari chodh kar hamko Nirmal Nagari aana hai

Yeh bhi soch lo hamne kya kya maal kiya hai book

Chuk chuk chuk….

The power is within and you need a dark Indian raining night to realize that


Did you ever dance for a whole hour in the heavy rain?

Did you ever move in the dark at the rhythm of the dolak?

Have you ever been in Paradise where the elettricity went off

where the divine thunders as divine necklesses did decorate the sky like real diamonds,

where thousands of angel lightly swirl in the atmosphere singing and clapping.

And you are alone indeed

You can’t see one face around, you are in the most gorgeous darkness

And you are not afraid. The power of being alone, drenched in the water

The power to be with everybody else but all the faces look the same face

The power is within and you still do not realize that.

That is beautiful!

I am so much enamored of all the beauty surrounding myself and my world, my city and my heart. To be attracted by beauty is the most exciting and peaceful thing you can experience. Trust me. It comes just alone, just with spontaneity, you are not aware you are going towards the Beauty. The beauty of the people, the beauty of the paintings, the beauty of the books, the beauty of the blogs, the beauty of the words, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the landscapes….there is so much beauty in this world,  a beauty which is like a magnet and leaves in you a feeling of satisfaction and pure enjoyment. Your eyes will automatically go into the right direction of beauty and you will notice how good you feel during this experience.

While seeking for beauty in the things and in the persons I found out that the all process:

Makes the mind bright and creative.   

Makes the person never bored.

Makes the person recognizing the truth in the different situations.   

Gives an immediate and reliable understanding of the reality.

Makes the body + brain cells maturing with a freshness and a sparkle which are visible thru the person’s attitude.   

Brings peace inside and outside in the environment.

Gives a creative, dynamic and efficient approach to the problem solving tasks.   

Improves human relationships and widen social life.


But what is beauty?!