This transforming world

The world is changing! Despite all the terrible news they keep showing on the TV, on the internet, in youtube, the world IS silently and slowly undergoing a huge visible change.Where do I see it? Firstly on the face of all the people I meet every day in the street, on the bus, in the office, at the restaurant, in the neighborhood, at the market… People smile, chat, wave, laugh…and on their mouths I can read sweetness, surprise, tenderness, understanding, struggle. It might be that their awareness is not yet opened to a real change. Not yet, but their gestures, their words that my ear-antennas rapidly receipt, their eyes are so longing for a simple and effective transformation. 

 If you are able to feel a nurturing connection with yourself you can also feel the hearts of the people around yourself. Automatically spontaneous it really happens!You will feel that no matter what they are doing, no matter where they are going, no matter how they are dressed up, no matter where they come from, they still long for this transformation to happen. Maybe they are naively thinking that the world they see have to change and not the world they feel inside. But still they desire the change. 

I am sure  my (because I am also them) people are awakening more each moment. Their body cells are stretching out towards the sunlight of the collective consciousness. This whole process so evident is the proof that our hearts are opening more and more. Silently and incredibly. We are projecting ourself towards another dimension, a higher dimension made of purity and joy where all our smiles, chats, waves, laughs will have a wonderful meaning of peace and hope. Where the beats of our heart will be synchronized and bounded together with one accord, to resemble the heart beat of the Mother earth that is the home we are all living now in.

We are all connected

This little story I experienced yesterday amazed me a lot!!I moved to another desk at my office, so this week went thru all the cleaning and ordering routines of course. Books, pens, cards…and I run into a wonderful picture of children running in circle, smiling, very beautiful. I always seek for inspiring pics to be surrounded with, especially pics related to the innocence of our kids (since all my tasks at work are strongly linked to it). I hang up the big picture of the circle. Yesterday I turn again the look at it, to the faces of the children absorbed by the sunlight. They are so joyous – I think and keep watching. Ops there are few names up there in micro graphics, I read them carefully and I find the name of a person I know. He is a professional photographer in Europe, lives in Italy and I use to see him and his Indian wife when I go to India or in Cabella!

Do you know something called the collective consciousness?