Brazilian notes of the multiculture & edu ministry

Meet Gilberto Gil. And step into the awsome colorful deep world of Brazil, one of the most spiritual and complex counties of the world.  His ex ministry of Education (2003-08) is also a heart warming musician with wide social and political views, a struggling past and a bright present. (

top ten soulful & meodious in spanish + portuguese – tagged!

Please enjoy ten more tunes, they are a mix of Spanish and Portuguese (languages of the soul) for the very endless tag “Slow, Melodious, Soulful” songs.

1~~Joaquin Rodrigo by Kaori Muraji,  Concierto de Arajunez (“dont miss it!!”) [guitar]

2~~Indialucia, Rumba- Raag ‘n’ Ole ( [sitar,guitar,keyboard]

3~~Os tribalistas, Velha infancia (beautiful childhood) [popular]

4~~Dulce Pontes & Ennio Morricone, La luz prodigiosa  (Prodigy of Light) (“do not miss this one”) [classical]

5~~Carlos Antonio Jobim  by Lisa Ono, Corcovado

6~~ Maria teresa, Silencio

7~~A. Bocelli & Dulce Pontes, O mar e Tu (Sea & You)

8~~Paco de  Lucia y Manolo Sanlucar, Sevillana (instrumental)

9~~ Jarabe de Palo, Depende (depends of all) [funky]

10~~Intillimani, Alturas  (High mountain) [folk]