Experiment on dilatation of pupil by Leonardo


Experiment [showing] the dilatation and contraction of the pupil, from the motion of the sun and other luminaries. In proportion as the sky is darker the stars appear of larger size, and if you were to light up the medium these stars would look smaller; and this difference arises solely from the pupil which dilates and contracts with the amount of light in the medium which is interposed between the eye and the luminous body. Let the experiment be made, by placing a candle above your head at the same time that you look at a star; then gradually lower the candle till it is on a level with the ray that comes from the star to the eye, and then you will see the star diminish so much that you will almost lose sight of  it.

[leonardo da vinci – the notebook]

Know few bodypoints when it comes to daily accumulation of impurities

Meditating: okey. And what about the body? It’s like stress, smog and popping negative energy all penetrate randomly into our bones, in the muscles, in the body! There are certain points we really need to know, it is not so important to know all of them like my intelligent traditional Chinese doctor. Acupuncture, herbs, candles, he use to explan everything to me, i love to be his student more than a patient. Regarding these points, at least the two located on the shoulders and the one laterally on the uper-leg, these ones are really important and seem to be quite appropriate for this technique . The left and right leg are the recipients of our left and right channel whose energy should be “shaked” every day to not let it stagnate. Meditation does help our body but working on it even by touching, will give great stable results certainly manifesting in the time.  

Beat yourself to the point you don’t feel pain. When you dont feel hurt while treating the area with vigour it will mean you are strong, your body is strong and likes to release negativity and stress in form of impure energy at this way. Beat yourself does mean have a proper tool available and start using it directly on the points with the speed you prefer, with the strenght you prefer but in one direct movement. Also have somebody to help you if you like. It is very practical and useful. The immediate feeling, after a while, of the area starting to relax and become softer and elastic/tonic is just unbelievable. This little sport should be done as often as possible to renew the circle of the flowing energy and contribute to the well maintenance of our private, precious “lab”.

Now the two tools bove. The black one is made out of cow bone which is considered having cooling-down qualities. The blue one is a plastic thing with a disk-magnet incorporated into the flat part which is for being directed to the point! Beating has never been more useful than today. With the amount of needed energy that only you can know.


Pure music in pure body (part one)


Music is therapeutic and it must be experienced to be felt and notice the real results in the person. In my opinion music is the best way to grow inside, to cultivate that unique humus of humanity (and divinity!) of which we are made of. Ancient musical discoveries from India are just perfect for these kind of experiments. The Indian notes, swaras, were established by talented men who meditated for long time and reached higher levels of awareness and self-understanding. They related these swaras to the animals:

  1. SA from peacock
  2. RE from bull
  3. GA from
  4. MA from crane
  5. PA from cuckoo
  6. DHA from horse
  7. NI from elephant  

There are organs (and also no organs) our body is made of, tissues, cells, molecules, energy, movement of vibration, the deeper we go the less we can see with our eyes, the more we can feel with our sense. As a consequence notes can be sung and experienced at this level very deep.

As a tree comes from seed, likewise the whole mantra evolves from Bija Mantra. And being so, the Bija Mantras are considered as a source of creation. From the realization of the potencies of these vibratory Bija mantras, the Rishis devised Mantras, which when properly intoned activate these creative forces to produce the desired result. [mantras] are like engines pulling a train, and for thsi reason they ar eoften called Shakti mantras.  [N. Srivastava]

When I was working in an Italian hospital as psychologist in the department of Neuropsychiatry for children there were programs based on music therapy for the little patients aiming to restore their abilities of speaking and self-integration. Today the science of music is utilized widely in different settings and discussed in worldwide conferences. This science has got a tremendous potential of solving crucial problems of personality either on individual and collective levels. We are all born with a subtle system within ourselves. Many people know that, many more do not have its knowledge.

Every time we sing a specific letter we are producing a movement around a main organ, or complex of organs. Seven complex of organs (chakras) are recognized to semplify the structure of our body: pelvis, liver, stomach, heart, throat, eyes, brain.

All the petals in all the chakras have a particular letter which was seen and heard by the great Rishis during their meditation. The letters are charged with the specific power of that particular petal and so when chanted, give the desired result. That is the power of that particulat chakra. 

Pelvis area

Wa, sha, sha, sa
Liver area Ba, bha, ma, ya, ra, la
Stomach area Da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa, fa
Heart area Ka, kha, ga, gha, ga, cha, chha, ja, za, nya, ta, tha
Throat area A, aa, I, ii, u, uu, ru, ruu, lru, lruu, e, ai, o, ou, am, aha
Eyes area Ha, ksha
Brain – top head (thoughtless, no sound) can be Om or ca be pures form like: a, la, ta, la, ta, a , la