Shocking parents supported by ignorance

What to do in these cases? My first impulse was to get up and stop them and talk to them but i didnt and my friends said to not watch and that it is normal in the city to have this behaviour. So i just kept calm and all right. I dont know if any of you witnessed a mother giving a long sip of beer from the calex of an adult to his boy of not even one year of age. Yes the boy was that young, three meters from us at the table behind the back of my friends! Also here in this blog still witnessing and realizing that an incredible number of our parents – it does not matter in which city or country, no place matter for certain matters, we are all responsible – is ignorant to this point. I have been told that in HK it is a normal attitude to do so with the children. Then we are so brave to call HK modern. Laugh. goodnite!