It s my favourite insect, they are beautiful and elegant and royal. Few weeks ago amidst the crazy traffic jam in downton HK while waiting at the traffic light what i see? A woderful, not small at all, black with an orange ribbon butterfliy silently posing thru the hair of a girl in front of me! Just like an authentic hairclip! After few seconds when we all started crossing the street the butterfly flew away. HK, i read it  s the most butterflies-populated  area (considering size an density) in the world. The tropical climate is loved by them and we meet theese beauties really everywhere like also the other one, yellow and black striped which was staring at our window on a 66th floor flat few years go.

Being surrounded by beauty is not so obvious where we live

Everytime I see a spectacular and beautiful building rich in vibrations I feel reborn. Everytime I see fatiscent or poor in style and beauty buildings I have to struggle and try to ignore the energy they emanate. Where I live for example there are very few if no one great architectonic testimonials. There is a modernity which is brought to an excessive end and an unbelievable lack of true beauty. That kind of beauty of a building which is drenched with gravity, importance and elegance. It seems that these real beautiful examples of edification only belong to the past times. I feel much more satisfaction into the eyes and heart while looking at old and well mantained constructions than to the more contemporary and new ones we use to walk around everyday in our busy cities today. How lucky are you? Are you surrounded by true beauty in your place? Or do you have to travel on a trip to see them? 

[photo by photopoetry]

Seven Things a Woman should have on her Desk at Office

 A little bottle of pure almond oil: The skin needs to be always nourished and kept elastic. Few drops applied every day will make a big difference in the tone and flexibility, especially around the eyes.

 A small vertical trousse with, incorporated, at least 10 different nuances of lipstick: Lipstick is a must we all know that. Whether strong or light it always gives something beautiful to our face. This handy tool is fast to be used any moment we pop out for a meeting, a lunch.

A medium size bottle of aloe vera gel: During summertime the gel is especially helpful to quickly refresh our skin. It can be used as general cleanser too. The massager can work in combination with it!

A tube of Moov: in case you really want to care about you joints and the back, this is the immediate solution to any symptom of backache or neck ache in the chair.

A small bag of sugar crystal candies: Pure sugar gives energy to a liver stressed out in any moment. If you don’t like candies, you can always drink some water with sugar at room temperature. At least one glass a day gives extremely positive results along the time and they will be noticed!

A handy massage tool: It’s very good to stimulate the blood circulation all over the body. It’s very pleasant to use any moment.

A beautiful and cheap hand made jewelry box: First it gives a touch of decor to the desk, second it’s really useful to keep all you need for the make up and not only.

That is beautiful!

I am so much enamored of all the beauty surrounding myself and my world, my city and my heart. To be attracted by beauty is the most exciting and peaceful thing you can experience. Trust me. It comes just alone, just with spontaneity, you are not aware you are going towards the Beauty. The beauty of the people, the beauty of the paintings, the beauty of the books, the beauty of the blogs, the beauty of the words, the beauty of the colors, the beauty of the landscapes….there is so much beauty in this world,  a beauty which is like a magnet and leaves in you a feeling of satisfaction and pure enjoyment. Your eyes will automatically go into the right direction of beauty and you will notice how good you feel during this experience.

While seeking for beauty in the things and in the persons I found out that the all process:

Makes the mind bright and creative.   

Makes the person never bored.

Makes the person recognizing the truth in the different situations.   

Gives an immediate and reliable understanding of the reality.

Makes the body + brain cells maturing with a freshness and a sparkle which are visible thru the person’s attitude.   

Brings peace inside and outside in the environment.

Gives a creative, dynamic and efficient approach to the problem solving tasks.   

Improves human relationships and widen social life.


But what is beauty?!

The beauty comes

…from where? inside, outside? 2 sides? what do you say?

We experienced something unusual and cool few weeks ago at my office in Hong Kong. It was a workshop: a blend of inside and outside beauty, underlining how important it is to keep beautiful and fresh on both sides at the same time, especially for a woman today. Living merged with the pollution,  the smog, the huge crowd, the stickyweather and aircon requires you to get some kind of “vital” certificate in order to overcome all the nesty consequences of an appearent unhealthy life-environment. There are many aspect, many subjects to go thoroughly thru to get this certificate and I will explain them soon.