Daily streets from Viet Nam

they are like in Southamerica, with supersimple ” tiendas”, stores selling basic food, staples, clothes. Lots of hairdress and nail art places. Lots of people sitting in the shadow,  chatting or resting. They are not large. Mostly silent.  The buildings are very interesting, usually each one is a house for one family; they are developed in height on 3 or 4 floors. Many have been built in the last five years, pretty young and smart in design.





I love families in Viet Nam. I met different people, young working couples with kids. They have helpers at home and enjoy the tremendously well known traffic every day. Everybody knows about the chaos provoked especially by rivers and rivers of motorbikes. Also taxi-motorbikes of course. Here we got caught by heavy rain on a Saturday night.


Toys today

Working with electronic toys… I would never expect to do also this job. But now that I am used to this circle I realize that working with toys today puts you in such delicate tasks! You are dealing with the softest of the minds and the skills to really understand the world of a child are lacking tremendously. No matter you have been studying for becoming a teacher at primary school level, or as a psychologist or as infancy educators, or as animators. There are plenty of people with these majors out there but that does not mean that also the quality of understanding is playing a mature role out there.

 These are quotes I collected from an email-thread pointing out resources for toys today: 

…the wonderful paper ideas are fine, and needed for children over 6. Books too can be designed and printed in India, no need to worry about pleasing western publishing firms, print them for our own use, or to sell/give to children we reach.
But for little children, we need classic wooden toys and dolls, excellent control of paints, fabrics, and stuffing, i.e. organic, so they are not toxic.

How about building toys – blocks – an established way to teach math and geometry in preschool – but they don’t have to be boring they could be hand painted with all kinds of creative designs, like mendhi, or abstract, flowers, and angel faces.

Our world economy is going in dire straits. Attention has to be somehow on handicraft too, on artist creation also. All of these we can build it with a good and collective attention on the proper channel to “manufacture it”. Let’s know what you think about the local power of handicraft…???

 Examples of content scripts, the basic software matrix for electronic learning products, proposed by modern companies trying to play their role to educate children on a mass level.

USE+ARROW01+INST17a                  Use the arrow keys to finish building the equation.
SELECT+INST18a+ WSABERKBRD                                 Select a correct operation sign with the lightsaber or the keyboard.
INST19a+INST19b+NUM001+ TIME02                                                Pay attention!  Solve as many as you can in one minute!

Found in an article:


“We wanted to get away from the branding. I don’t think children should be advertised to,” says Lee, who co-founded the store two years ago with wife Danielle and sister-in-law Shelley Goldschlager. Their mission: selling toys that would encourage kids to construct, create and invent their own storylines.

Then there’s InquisitiveKid.ca, a new online store offering more than 300 minimalist playthings.

“A good toy is 10 per cent toy and 90 per cent child,” says Peter Emmenegger of Toronto, a software engineer and father of two who launched the venture last month. “The child’s imagination is the engine of healthy play.”

Some important “must have” requirements to work in this field: 

  • To have an innocent and childlike personality
  • To be familiar with (after having absorbed thru background and other experiences) eradicated good values, humus for a child personality
  • To have an established and overflowing creativity covering at least 3 branches of art (e.g. music, painting, drama).
  • To have the ability to not think too much
  • To have the skill to simplify contents
  • To have an extremely flexible and adaptable character
  • To have an open mind and heart
  • To be able to seek  the playful aspect of the daily life
  • To be extremely collective and not individualistic

Today the chances to become really professional in the toy industry (at any level) are not so high, if we give an honest glimpse around ourselves. If at least we already covered three of the above qualities we are probably on the right path to succeed…