Most splendid Christmas gift

Last evening while window strolling one of the chicest mall in Hong Kong we were surprisingly watching that a huge part of the shops where naked and empty . All was quite and not many people shopping. Too expensive or what else ? Today morning my quest for a super deep spiritual life is mix matching with the meaning of giving gifts for Xmas. Which is the most splendid gift that you want to receive? I think the most beautiful gift is the spiritual nourishment we can offer for free to others, or we can receive. This is the most useful gift, the most important simply because it totally KEEPS US ALIVE in the real sense. It makes each and every part of our body and cells happy. Without any need for mediators or tools. It is already inside this gift.

Photohistory of unique shopping malls

 Everytime i enter a modern shopping mall here in town a breeze of sophisticateness punctually blows around me. It’s not that i spend the time shopping during my visit but most of all tasting the colors, the architecture, the large space in name of the which we all sacrifice the space of our own homes in Hong Kong. Have a look from this past weekend.

Few but useful Airport check in counters  inside the mall:








environment and design


in case you want to have a snow stroll










dining & shopping

everybody likes it…


Gorgeous lady costumes from the movie Marie Antoinette









Check out the wonderful costumes from the movie Marie Antoinette. The designer Milena Canonero have done an excellent job. When she met the productor of the movie:

Coppola handed Canonero a box of pastel-coloured macaroons from the Laduree pastry house. “She told me, ‘These are the colours I love’,” recalls Canonero. “I used them as a palette. Sofia was clear about the colouration, but left the rest to me. We squeezed the essence of the period, without reproducing it. Even if you think you know a lot about it,” she argues, “you always have to look for a new angle. I simplified the very heavy look of the 18th century. I wanted it to be believable, but more stylized.”

An analysis more profound of each and every costume is presented by professionals here, which is the site from where i copied the pictures. i am in love with these dresses, they are too fabolous. The fabrics used in the words of MC again:

Beautiful silks, taffeta, and satin. But for Marie Antoinette I used original lace from the 18th century and I also used original waistcoats for the men, and the jewelry and accessories were sometimes used in a freer way. In those days all the ladies in the court would be covered in lace because it was the way to show how rich you were. They had much more jewelry than I used. I preferred the decorations of the dresses to be more graphic than lacy. Even though I used beautiful period lace sometimes.



Why celebrities come into our life


Celebrity worshipping is one of the train stops in this Trend Blend map for the new year. How true is it? After noticing the word “HAPPY..” in the set up message of the chat with my sister I immediately thought “oh wow she’s wishing Happy Chinese new year to everybody” when scrolling the full sentence appears “Happy birthday Vasco”: her favorite singer whose songs she listens with no interruption almost. She also went to his concert joining a crowd of thousands of thousands last year. Is it the kind of worshipping we are talking about today? Probably yes~! It’s like a battle in the human mind. We follow whom we like. But usually the aspects of the celebrities to catch mostly our attention are simply frivolous and unreal, like they last for some years; maybe also for 20 years but then they leave the place to other celebrities just depending on which side of our ego or superego we would like to worship better. It is more related to an internal oriented worshipping.

What do we do to defend ourselves from these celebrity-attacks? Are we still completely ourselves even though we are very much dragged into their creations and trends? Until which point is our attention independent and pure? Until which point we depend on these sort of gurus thru their music and art instead of depending on the guru within ourselves? How much does our centered balances still hesitate?

One thing I love about Hong Kong: doing “sport”

Forget about Chinese dharma and spirituality. Hong Kong is jumping, no already jumped!, into a circle of sophisticate and materialistic luxury and splendor. The Chinese platform towards the West, this city with her inhabitants (proud of being one of them) is performing a rule that probably no other city in all history has done at such speed. Probably I am wrong, I was too lazy these days to research about the history of other speedy cities and I am only offering a personal quick frame of how I do see the life here. 

Well, do you want to know then what I do like most here? Holding onto the hongkonise wave what I really love is to go shopping at midnite (or even later)! It gives me such a shivering of freedom. When its very dark outside and the moon is up in the sky, I can see her glittering from that intense celestial blu and I am here, down here on earth, crossing the zebras, cute lil animated-spirited grain who is going to smile looking at the windows and buy shoes, skirts, earrings and fresh lettuce from midnite on. How does it sound? Poetic to me… 

How negativity club together

I read today on Vogue 



The scene for Vogue’ January cover: poolside at a cozy Santa Monica beach house with sunny actress Kate Hudson and her four-year-old son, Ryder, both dancing to the sounds of the Rolling Stones. After the school was over, Hudson, photographer Patrick Demarchelier, makeup artist Gucci Westman, and Vogue editor Jill Demling – all old friends from working together over the years – packed up and headed to Hudson’s own home – just a few miles away- to catch up over a bottle of wine. 

My comment: the title of the article and the bottom line do no coincide at all! Because the wine makes people hot not calm and cool.

Seven Things a Woman should have on her Desk at Office

 A little bottle of pure almond oil: The skin needs to be always nourished and kept elastic. Few drops applied every day will make a big difference in the tone and flexibility, especially around the eyes.

 A small vertical trousse with, incorporated, at least 10 different nuances of lipstick: Lipstick is a must we all know that. Whether strong or light it always gives something beautiful to our face. This handy tool is fast to be used any moment we pop out for a meeting, a lunch.

A medium size bottle of aloe vera gel: During summertime the gel is especially helpful to quickly refresh our skin. It can be used as general cleanser too. The massager can work in combination with it!

A tube of Moov: in case you really want to care about you joints and the back, this is the immediate solution to any symptom of backache or neck ache in the chair.

A small bag of sugar crystal candies: Pure sugar gives energy to a liver stressed out in any moment. If you don’t like candies, you can always drink some water with sugar at room temperature. At least one glass a day gives extremely positive results along the time and they will be noticed!

A handy massage tool: It’s very good to stimulate the blood circulation all over the body. It’s very pleasant to use any moment.

A beautiful and cheap hand made jewelry box: First it gives a touch of decor to the desk, second it’s really useful to keep all you need for the make up and not only.

Lamb yourself up!

Yes the Lamb, that kind of innocent and sweet animal we used to worship in ancient lost times. There must be something really meaningful about lambs. In addition children love them, they imitate their voice and enjoy caressing their soft fur.

Well yesterday I discovered this store and today I am already wearing its clothes up and down! Lamb dresses are a creation from Italian+ Hongkongise+Indian collaboration. The saleslady told me that the design is from Italy and Hong Kong together and the manufacture is from India. Moreover they are sold only in Hong Kong. The nuances are really delicate and fresh; the cut is dignified and pure yet young and modern. I just loved to browse this shop for more than an hour, I lost my husband in the meantime but I was too much enraptured by all those wide long skirts, transparent Punjabi shirts, flowery jackets and cool trousers. I eventually enjoyed a sale-time-price on everything and will surely go back soon!!

The beauty and the simplicity of these clothes talk by itself. You notice the clean heart they enfold. These are the kind of dresses that should deserve plenty of advertising nowadays because just looking at them you can have a taste of true woman. Moreover they are realized by a united special effort of different countries.

I am proud to be also Italian when I see how the motherland creativity works out in the proper direction while trying to project herself abroad. This is a beautiful example of subtle understanding of the importance to preserve the strength of a country, to mould this strength to the need of the people and to give a dharmic and positive direction to the trend in our society.