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  1. Hey, Radha you did not tell me you started a blog – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

    that is a great idea, dear! You have so much to share and your expereinces and thoughs are just wonderful.

    looking forward to more and more things from you.
    Keep Blogging :)))

    LOVE, axinia

  2. Thanks a lot for the encouragment Axinia! It feels really good. i love writing and get so many inspirations here in HK, this place is really magical and dynamic, its perfect for writing something. will try my best anyway 🙂 love

  3. Hi Radha,

    I am growing to love your blog. I am prescribing it to people who visit mine. Great work – just keep going.


  4. Hi Radha
    I am french and practice SY for many years. My son married a chinese girl and I have 2 lovely grand daughters in Hong Kong. I went there last year and also we went to a tour in Yunnan. I have some photos if you like. I have a site, but professionnal (www.dhanam.fr) and of no interest for non specialist of animal feed…
    Congratulations and long life for your site
    Louis Marie

  5. MarinaM grazie! sono contentissima di contribuire in DCV!

    Louis Marie, it sounds so great you are connected to HK. Hope to meet you next time here or anywhere else! lov, r.

  6. Hi Radha,

    thanks for the visit and for leaving a comment. Reading a bit of your thoughts in the front page and your page of sahaja yoga – it made me think of someone (axinia) and when i came to this page, just can’t believe she’s the first one to leave a comment. People like you have a lot to share in this world…i look forward to come back and read more.

    have a great time in HK. Been to that plce for a couple of days online on my way to mainland China. 🙂

  7. Hi Radha,
    What a colorful blog. The header image is excellent. (What is it BTW? 😛 )
    As said in my comment before, you think too much!
    And now I know why.
    “mastered in developmental psychology”, I don’t know exactly about it but as it has “psychology” in it, it must be good learning experience.
    See you again. 🙂

    Cheers (lots of)

  8. Hi Raj, your name written in Tamil looks much more beautiful than the other characters! Yes Ischia is a very unique place!

    Hello Abhijeet, your blog is also nice, i want to browse it more today.

    Hey Suda, the header is a batik work. yes psychology is a great tool in the modern times; thinkin too much yes maybe but i know effectives ways to clear out thoughts and stay empty inside. Cheers! r.

  9. Hello Radha,

    Came across your blog today and was fascinated reading about Tao.

    Great blog. Very sensitive and intuitive. Keep it up.

    You have another regular visitor.


  10. HI Mavin
    thank you, i think i am going to learn good things from your blog (which doesnt allow a comment, i dont know why i always cannot post comment in blogspot, and this is the reason why i am thinkin to transfer all the post here also in a blogspot blog)

    All the best for now, radha

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    I never realised that those using wordpress cannot comment on blogspot till you mentioned it. Now when I look back, you are right. All comments on my blog are from blogspot.

    I wonder why this is so…should write to blogger guys and see if they can sort it out.

    See you again!!!

  12. Yes i chose it after starting to meditate. the sounds rha dha as you may know have a good meaning. Not that my name in Italian (roberta = glorious) did not have a good nmeaning but i wanted to be in tune with my “Indian way of being” which is growing and growing inside myself. Here in China many friends call me Suling especially the ones from the Mainland because itis easier for them to remember/pronounce. So as you can see i dont mind which one is my name 🙂

  13. Hello, dear Radha!

    fell over your article about your “new Tanpura”. Great !

    Interesting all your activites of the past. Your pedagogic work of bilingual education sounds wonderful.
    I am active for progressing therapies for ADHD affected persons. Out of this aspect I became media producer for an annual radio programme focussing onto Indian Classical Music…

    Keep me up-to-date please what’s going! – ElJay from Europe/North Germany, Hamburg

  14. Ciao Roby,
    stavo facendo delle ricerche su internet ed ho trovato il tuo blog.
    E’ bellissimo.
    Dalle cose che scrivi sul tuo sito capisco che stai benone, ti mando un abbraccione.

  15. Hi Radha, Great blog and I have been following it too….Was wondering if the two radha’s above are different :O I thought u are the same one in both profiles

  16. yes Molly, i should write something more about Ischia island, but please give a try by searching its name and probably some article is already here =)

  17. Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations)

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    1. its just cultural /spiritual connection. i admire its artistic patrimony and am a bharatnatyam dancer here in HK. moreover with my hub we got married in Indian style around small havan, so we feel quite linked to this country.:)

  19. My name is Anne and I am part of Earth.org, an open travel guide with a non-profit approach.

    The idea is similar to Wikipedia, ony we focus on travel related information and we really want to make a difference with green initiatives and sustainable develoment. You can find out more here:

    I have been reading your blog and found the posts super entertaining as well as useful for travelers. Would you like to help us to fill in our guide with good tips and recommendations from your experience in Hong Kong?

    This would be a Pro Bono project, contributing a little of your skill to helping us create a better world. Even an hour a week or a month would be great (add your favourite restaurants in HK for example)!

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    Have a great week-end!

  20. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blogs and the sheer variety & quality of artciles, places and visuals is impressive.
    Look forward to reading them all at leisure!


  21. Hi Radha ❤
    I stumbled upon your blog searching for expat's living in Hong Kong. I'm originally from America, but I moved to HK for a product design job, and recently got into Yoga. I love your posts, and I hope we can get together sometime soon, you seem like an interesting girl! -Lauren (PS There's this crazy white spec moving around on your page and I keep thinking I'm crazy) lol. Hope to talk to you soon!!

    1. Hi Lasya, your blog about classical indian dance is great and informative. i didnt post anything about kuchipudi because more invlved into bharatnatyam art form. But i have several friends who are amazing kuchipudi dancers and teachers, maybe should give more attention to this style in the future too. 🙂

  22. Cool blog. I’m seeking out real meditators such as yourself who would be interested in checking out my online meditation course. Please let me know if you’d like to and I’ll email you the info. Many blessings to you and your readers.

  23. I know this post is outdated but I was curious if anyone can help me with locating a free place to camp, with sleeping bag only, near Stanley Beach – Hong Kong. Thanks for your time and assistance in this matter. Sorry to bother or inconvenience you.

    1. Easy to find if once in Stanley you ask to somebody living there, a shopkeeper for example. good luck!!

  24. Jai Shri Mataji !!

    Dear Yogis in Hong Kong,

    Please distribute some information.

    I am working with a small team to put more of Shri Mataji’s knowledge on the Internet, in a form that will be easily accessible. I hope that in time we will become a large team! The main activity will be to present extracts from Shri Mataji’s speeches, to go alongside audios and videos which are already online. Translations into languages other than English will also be there.

    One particular initiative is a little different. We intend to present extracts from Meta Modern Era. A prototype website is under construction:


    Two extracts are there, so far, with some translations into Polish, Slovak and Bulgarian. We would really be pleased to have an extract prepared by yogis in China and to have some Mandarin translations.

    I hope you are well. Do you have any questions about the projects or would you be interested in giving some assistance? I did not go into much detail.

    Best wishes,
    John Peirson

  25. Hi Radha!

    I hope you are doing well! I wanted to touch base about a possible blog post idea that I think would fit in well with your blog and be of interest to your readers.
    The Art of Living Retreat Center is a wellness and meditation venue located in the majestic mountains of North Carolina. The center, which features several lodging options, a dining hall, meditation facilities, a holistic spa specializing in the principles of Ayurveda, hiking trails and more, focuses on practices and techniques that reduce stress and provide an increased sense of wellbeing and inner peace. The Art of Living Retreat Center’s vision is to become the North American spiritual epicenter for inner peace, personal transformation and service to humanity. The center has regularly scheduled classes and retreats based on the Art of Living’s breathing and meditation principles. The center also regularly hosts large groups for conferences, retreats, training, meetings and more.
    I’d love to answer any questions, provide more information or set you up with an interview of one of the leaders at the retreat center. In addition, we could provide a spa giveaway for your readers, if you were interested!
    I look forward to hearing from you!

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