Birth of a toy into real global life


Whenever you are involved in a work or process, all the rest does count less. especially when you are really really loving that work…you are just like absorbed. These amazing projects have been amazing since their starting point and it has taken about four years to realize how amazing they still are! They can fly now into the hands of anybody thru Amazon or other marketing oriented websites. But the real thing about them is that yes they were simply amazing to work on. Jiggling on different contents, selecting the most appealing ones. Shaping and fixing the Italian version of each and every sound file. Composing small songs and singing the created tunes: the merge of writing, notes and sounding engineering all in one: It takes a little playfulness to bring a toy into the real life! And especially when it needs to be a ‘talking toy’. A speaking globe for traveling the world! Still very much alive and still traveling around.


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