The Help: an American book review

This book is born out of the feelings of affection that the author was nurturing during her childhood towards her African American nanny. More African and stranger than American lets say.
“My siblings deny it, but I was closer to Demetrie than the other kids were. Nobody got cross with me if Demetrie was nearby. She would stand me in front of the mirror and say ‘you are beautiful, you are a beautiful girl’ when clearly I was not. …. My mother was out of town a lot. Susan and Rob were tired of me hanging around, and I felt left over. Demetrie knew it and took my hand and told me I was fine.”

It s 1962, Mississippi, when the story of The Help begins. It’s a fiction at large.
The robust maids are great love givers. They perfectly supply the need of care for the American kids of that time. Skeeter is one little girl growing up with a different courage inside. The courage to become a true friend to two maids and help them to tell their stories to the whole community. Funny, brave, feminine, emphatic. Flowing read.


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