Xmas news, holiday cake & thank you dear subscribers.

This year a great kitchen aid gift is delivered before time. 🙂  A white shining new centrifugal juicer for tasty and fresh fruity drinks 2012. How fantastic, now the only thing to do is to find some place where to fix it. Then i will be ready to make juice for anybodyelse too. The flat living room is now simply dressed with a multicolor light thread from one side to the opposite, with a sheet of golden leather shapes flat stars and balls glued on the wall and the balcony glass window. Really easy and really Christmasey too. No tree this year. An Indian rug with dozens of round mirrors is camping in the middle floor glittering with its golden decorations. It s funny to step on all those tiny mirrors, we ll keep it for a week or so.

Next Sunday is celebration time with the sahajis, it s time for a cake at least what do u think? Steamed and cream filled, with coconut shreds and tangerine taste: main idea going on in the recipe file of my mind at the moment:D Yesterday i was downtown for the tuesday mandarin class and i noticed that the atmosphere is very quite, the decore look quite sober; here where i live there is already a couple of golden dragons hanging on the center stone bridge: Lunar New Year is also at the door, dont forget it.

As i dont want to forget u dear blog subscribers. You are really kind for wanting to receive updates here. Im not that constant in blogging, it all depends in which direction the boundless inspiration is heading. But yes inspiration means a lot to me and i always hope that YOUR inspirations will somehow cross mines. So to produce something truly boundless.

Wishing You All a Christmas dipped in thoutless  joy, care & happiness 🙂 love from radha


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