Hong Kong pure vint…age

There is something deeply vintage in the soul of the city. It may be the contrast of colors. The feeling of maturity and old character. The strive for excellence in certain areas. I always felt vintage here: the atmosphere, the relations, the outlook. Even in the most super modern neighbor. Because the atmosphere, the breeze in the air is the same everywhere you go; what you see is not as important.

Vintage is the word, old is its fascinating personality. This is it! HK! Hong Kong!

They look so outdated these shots but no, they are from few weeks ago. It s downtown of the upstate area: a place with great affluence of people from China, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand mostly. Now what s next?…

A conjunction bridge between upstate and middle west side. Awsome scenario from the bus.

It s so magical. The light say it all, people live under the glow of ads and multiple rows of old fashioned white bulbs. I m one of them too ^_^

It s now time for a friendly hot-pot or a homey sushi, it s now time to say Welcome to vintage feel of a city!


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