A Fun oriented society. oh yes!

Have fun! How many time people tell you HAVE FUN! All the time. It’s the password in our fun-oriented world. Moreover our fun oriented society goes hand in hand with money oriented aspect. Fun is traveling, going for  a movie, going for  a drink, make friends, fun is shopping, throwing a birthday party, photo-hunting…All this fun is also expensive and gives you the chance to circulate money all around yourself. Thank you for your generous fun yeah!

Have you ever heard that “let’s meditate, it’s fun!” No because there is no fun it and no money charge. Have you ever been invited “come to breath, it’s fun!”. No, because breathing is natural and nobody ever asked you any charge for it. Or “Hey lets have  a digestion all together, it’s fun!” Ahah no, none invites you on that one neither, because it’s so freackingly automatic that you dont want to waste time on making an announcement!!

Fun is temporary and did not let you achieve any glory, nor growth as an individual in our beautiful constantly growing society. Meditation is pure joy which lasts forever and the more you feel it the more you long for it. No ticket to pay, no booking fuss, no hangover smells. Simple joy. Pure fresh cool joy which inundate your spirit, your self, your inmost personality. Mmmm now yes the real joy-oriented society is taking over…

Oh, have fun with it!


2 thoughts on “A Fun oriented society. oh yes!

  1. FUN, FUN, FUN!
    Quite a bit of fun I had, I must admit in reading this – and then I got hooked with the rest of the other articles – more fun. So I told myself, I’ll keep on coming back for more FUN and will also have some silent fun meditating as it costs nothing really, and it can be fun. Now that I know.
    You’ve opened a door to a funny secret, and one should really not laugh about this. One should just tell others: “…here’s a secret, but please don’t laugh, although it’s funny – just tell others, although it’s a secret”!
    It’s funny we never think of this.

    Thank you Rhada.

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