Little powers and much more

Too often we are satisfied with the little powers we achieved.

The  way/ways we nourish our mother energy in our community and then society, is really working? We didnt achieve that level where the connection between heart and brain is constantly linked and increasing in power. The fact is our inner connection is still like a swing at the kids playground. We are genuinely happy with the regular spiritual practice and activities we created, true or not true?

I ask myself questions. I know i am not alone in questioning my actions and results. I am never satisfied with myself because another fact is: there is still SO MUCH energy which wants to be free and express Herself in the most delightful and nourishing way.

we are always so peaceful and satisfied all the time.  so very human all the time.


One thought on “Little powers and much more

  1. regular spiritual practice (prayer life) helps me to sense and understand the connection between heart and brain. Thus the Spirit comforts and frees me from all questions- replaces them with the awe and puts me on the wings of the gratitude. While thinking about God, the strangers on a street become my brothers and sisters – it looks like each my word reaches the whole world then and thus I have just one question – what’s my message?

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