The most important secret of our mothers and grandmothers

People are in emergent state SOS. Gentle and loving people are not taken seriously nowadays because meaning of real pure love has fading away almost completely. And this is the only reason why so many problems and atrocities run north to south, east to west all around this painful suffering earth. Often the ones who smile and laugh a lot are the ones performing tremendous need of love from the deep visible lightrays of their heart. There is no trust no faith in a clearly offered love. Only the fear to receive it. Damn! damn ! double damn! Recently on a beach day of leisure i went for opening a foldable heavy wooden chair to accomodate a lady (the lady i call Mami since she lovingly put me in this fantastic world on this forever worshipped and adored mother earth) only to hear a brisk ” dont treat me like a handicapped”. Few days after during a shopping walktour with my younger sister we suddently run into our sole Grandma. What do you do when you see Grandmother?! Obviously you give her a large smile immediate consequence of a happy feeling for the vision (especially if you live 13 hours flight away from her): result is a slap received on my cool cheeks (too bad some women cannot use their right hand power in the due dosage either when thei are young and old). A mother and a grandmother over reacting to a simple common expression of love and affection. The reason why we are now surrounded by people who cannot receive daily love is stored into the hearts of our mothers and grandmother. They have got all the true secrets about pure love and excellent communication but they dont want to disclose them.  This is why they are all telling of a hell of a world today. So please treat your Mom and Grandma with lots of care and attention.

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