The heaviness of the matter

Thursday is the only weekday evening i am free and can stay home in case i decide not to join my husband at his yoga class. The last couple of months have been so busy that i often wished to escape somewhere else from this horrible crowded city where evrything is so fake and profit oriented. The profit of the matter at its peak. I dont know how many years will pass before the trend will change direction. People talk and move like robot, there is no grace in the air, no sense of profound love an compassion. Some days are so heavy that the need to go walking barefeet on the grass during the day is overpushing. Tonite i will paint somebody similar 

5 thoughts on “The heaviness of the matter

  1. While many are hurt with profit oriented morality, you can find your shelter in painting. So you should be happy. Not all can hide themselves in the pictures that refresh the soul. Yet that luck tests the artists – makes them responsible for their sharing. I grasped that while writing to you and thus asked myself either my Art by Tomas (my most active blog) portrays our being here clearly enough or just reminds my personal diary. Thank you for the help to wish to improve my tongue.

    1. Tomas,Thank u for your kind words as always! indeed painting is a great relief and support.but at the end i ended up sewing two things yesterday. i love create artistical pieces with different tecnique too. Lots of smiles to you 🙂 radha

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