China’s Po Po

Po Po is the Grandmother affectionately called just like my Nonna (in italian) or my Babica (in croatian) in Europe. Po Po here in HK i dont have her actually but i kind of meet them everywhere when crossing the street.

 There is a restaurant chain here called Shanghai Po Po, we love their food and their huge childish frames decorations on the walls. I am writing about China PoPo over a phone call to my mom where she was telling about seeing a documentary on Himalaya: up up in the Moutains strong women are lowered deep down into natural wells to fill buckets with pure rose salt; which is lately collected and refined by the men of the village. The entire process is hand made and these women just awsomely carry on such a heavy body work. In China women compromise themselves at the same way  although we have no pink salt. Women work and worked very hard until consuming their mind and their whole life, and that’s their result when you cross that street:

7 thoughts on “China’s Po Po

  1. 麻婆豆腐 Ma Po was one of my favourite sichuan dishes while I was studying in US…translated as’pockmarked-face lady’s tofu’. Legend says that the pock-marked old woman (má pó) was a widow who lived in the Chinese city of Chengdu. Due to her condition, her home was placed on the outskirts of the city. By coincidence, it was near a road where traders often passed. Although the rich merchants could afford to stay within the numerous inns of the prosperous city while waiting for their goods to sell, poor farmers would stay in cheaper inns scattered along the sides of roads on the outskirts of the ancient city.
    All around the world, there are sooo many chinese restaurants named Po Po, La Po Po or somehow related.
    your title reminded me of ‘Lon Po Po’, too
    Chinese Po Po’s work hard through their lives, for their families …saving for rainy days…. loved them watch while performing Tai Chi at the sunset!

  2. in the 10th. district of Vienna (am Bethovenplatz) where the chinese school located…chinese grandmas/Po Po ‘s could be waiting to pick up their grandchildren after school:)

  3. In Cantonese Po Po or Ah Po is the name for your maternal Grandmother. Ah Ma is your Grandmother on your Father’s side. Chinese names are based on family hierarchy for each side of your family. So my mother’s older sister would be yi ma, but her younger sister would be ah yi.

    Po Po is also a respectful way of addressing an older woman not related to you.

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