Tools for unlocking people souls

Any PhD around to get these tools? No sorry. It’s beyond intellectual life. One very small hint is the dialect. We live in a world of dialects. Sometimes dialects are made official languages other times they just survive to the flow of changes. With my gramma I had to talk dialect although she could speak and understand the country official language very well from school time. I heard Easyjet, an airline company based in London, is planning to use dialects on board during three main Italian routes from north to south and vicevesa.  During lunch break n Hong Kong it s a ritual,you go out forlunch and you have to speak dialect. But at one condition only: because you want to unlock people soul.

Otherwise you can choose to  keep your foreigner soul growing bigger and get lost in confusion with the time.  Any magic tool is pure c h o i c e .

[image is from national geographic best 2009]


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