How blogging divides people

Blogging has  a double face and is becoming more and more popular not only from home but also from work. For example the company where i work in HK also started a blog now because we dont want to waist any opportunity want  to jump into the modern flow. Sounds cool. Moreover what can you expect from a  quite dedicated blogger like the author here? Since primary school her teacher, il meastro, used to reinforce the writing talent he noticed in this now older little girl. But there is another side of blogging which is: it does not have the power to bring people together all the times. At least not yet… This is a new process just begun with plenty of possibilities to explore. Some groups started blogs together dividing the tasks on their abilities. The group atmospehere is always friendly and everybody art of expression is respected and cherished. Is that good enough to build a strong worldwide collective? The answer/answers in the process… 


4 thoughts on “How blogging divides people

  1. Well blogging can bring people close …but only as close as they wish. Sometimes I am quite disappointed because people tend to be …well, people 🙂 Still it is fantastic. I made friends. Lost some. BUT I have jettisoned some prejudices. So it was worth it.

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