10 sentences or quotes from scattered books on my desk


  1. Kyle was a good kid; he still cared about something. Would that be enough to save him?
  2. When they had been riding for several days the kings decided that they wanted to see what the child had given them. They opened the little casket and found a stone inside.
  3. Armed with Sword, Spear, Club, Disc, Conch, Bow, Arrows, Slings and Iron Mace, You are terrible and at the same time, You are pleasing, Yea more pleasing than all the pleasing things and exceedingly beautiful.
  4. [Love] It’s a parabolic movement.
  5. Loss upon loss until At last comes rest.
  6. What would happen if we blended the market norm with the social norm?
  7. The filling has to be stir-fried until done before baking. It gives the pie a unique fragrance after baking.
  8. I sometimes feel more like a fan rather than actually in the band. I can’t live up to it. But the reason why I would like to is the idea of grace.
  9. Better describe the nature. Forget about human beings.
  10. For most species, sleep is a vulnerable state, but dolphins rest on the move while shutting down only half of their brain.

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