Musical tag: (Latina) fast, furious, danceable songs

This is just what i as needing these days to wake up my senses in super steaming and superhot Hong Kong. Sometimes i’ve got the impression to be melting together with smoke of the fried vegetables in the street stalls downstairs or together with the black asphalt my bus runs on up and down every morning nd evening. I am becoming the sticker of the city, i closely follow her mood, atmosphere and environment, i am totally ONE with the nature yea. This tag wakes me up and makes me dance, which i also totally love. i love screaming and dancing at the same time, to do this you need exactly a fast, furious, danceable song. I love you Destination Infinity, you make my day and make my blog too, because thanks to your musical tags traffic always increases nicely. i shall totaly award you the friendship blogger for this. danceAward It’s here for you, pls ~pick it up ~ post it in your blog, ~pass it to 5 more people to join the dance! ~link them and leave a message for them~link this blog also

Many latino songs are danceable and furious just like our, of latino people,  mood and character. We are mostly made of fire, although in my case there is a moderate component given by my zodiacal sign which is in the water element. Hope you all enjoy the songs!

I was a disco girl for many years and i guess still am although the platforms have switched from disco club to social gatherings in different places. few months ago for my hub birthday we made it up as a fundraising event and danced mostly bhangra songs no stop in a cool restaurant. Enjoy the songs!

Bellissimo by Casabella listen here

this is a great bhajan:

this is crazy = loca

nice dance with this one:

I am also inviting to dance in blog friendship (any of the songs above :-)):

Marta Cristina









4 thoughts on “Musical tag: (Latina) fast, furious, danceable songs

  1. The Livin ‘la vida loca is a great song. Almost forgot that one. The first Bhajan song makes us realize that we can dance to Bhajan’s as well! The third song – Triballista was also good. I was not able to listen to the fourth song. Thanks for doing this tag.

    Destination Infinity

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