Two old stories about queens, from my old blogspot blog:


1. The Queen of the Rain is coming. Only those people who have a particular degree in their left eye sight can see her in complete form. The queen has very close relationship with the craetures of the water of the planet, especially those which find their habitat in the salty masses of Oceans and Seas. The royalest quality she has is the Compassion. Not passion. Com-passion means that she loves other creatures more than herself and the meaning of her life is actually to make the others creatures happy. She likes to express her whole form only one time during the common year made of four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Can you guess which one is her favourite season?

2. Queen of the seasnow –  She stands in the middle of the sea without moving. The flurry of snow is coming down with all her power, I am watching from my window, how is that possible? The sea is so still and she floats and walks on its surface, I am not able to see the feet but the end of the legs I mean the edge of her dress is visible. What is she doing? What is she looking at? Isn’t she cold, the snow is pouring down on her face on her hair on her body on her coat, she must be a statue, …but yesterday nothing, nobody was still like that in the middle of the sea. What is she doing now? See she is real, she is raising her arms towards the sky, the storm is swerving? Yes it is now raining fom the sea towards the sky direction. And her body is melting with the water. In a couple of hours I cannot see her anymore…


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