magic Underneath relationship


Sometimes you are in a group of people and you have the feeling to share things with them. I dont know,  maybe it’s just the human way, that we want to have something in common, it gives a feeling of security to have something in common: the same stuff, the same holiday, the same house, the same ideas…But later you realize that it is no one of them connecting you to the others. Or you meet people in a place, a city, a workplace, anywhere and believe that you have a destiny in common. And it’s wrong again. Because there is just a crossing over of experiences. The reason why i am in a place is not the same reason why another person is in the same place. Some magic underneath.


6 thoughts on “magic Underneath relationship

  1. so each one should find out his/her own role. but many times more than a person want to act in the SAME way and follow the steps as somebodyelse, forgetting about the special role of the Cast.

  2. Let us go back…far back to The Beginning. Is it not a connection, something we all have to share – our Origin!
    Not just people, but these tree, this PC…distant planets, we all started together!

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