What do you think about this Seattle band?

Manooghi Hi: they sing in Hindi and English. I even found a Dam Mast Kalendar version in their repertoire. Just discovered thru a blogger friend in Seattle.

The press recensions thru the myspace:

“…Suffice to say you’ve never heard anything like Manooghi Hi. Maybe because, to the best of my knowledge, their sound has never before been attempted. To oversimplify, it’s like this: panoramic rock ‘n’ roll fronted by a petite, beautiful Indian woman scat singing in Hindi. The cross-pollination is dizzying — East and West, ancient and modern, pop and classical, ecstatic spiritualism and headbanging rock. The potential for Rusted Root-style world groove dilettantism arises and is crushed by the frontwoman’s chops.”
-Jonathan Zwickel, the Seattle Times –March 2009

“…The album hums with an intense hunger to make music that does not skirt on top of differences but dives so deep that the molten core of unity starts to glow on the horizon. Its like those Sufi dancers who start out slowly spinning in a space with well-defined compass points until they don’t know where they are anymore, and its all a yearning blur.”
-Erik Davis, techgnosis.com -March 2009

“Spectacular Indian-born vocalist Mehnaz was a pop phenomenon in her native country before [visiting] Seattle. Her six-piece outfit Manooghi Hi blend arena-sized Anglo-American rock with Indian wind, string and percussion instruments and Mehnaz’s impassioned trilingual utterances.
Their sound has plenty of ramalamasala.”
-Dave Segal, the Stranger –August 2008


3 thoughts on “What do you think about this Seattle band?

  1. interesting cross-over!

    meditative beginning an thrilling crescendo!
    sounds to me like an intro to an intensely concert 😉

    reminds me (although completely different) of indialucia, a cross-over between classical indian music and flamenco – also very recommendable!

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