Electronic learning games & toys are not crucial for infants development


It is such an exageration of this materialistic minds scattered all around toy industry today that electronic lightning rattles are beneficial to a child development. It is fine for a kid to have one electronic toy ever year, just to have some taste of this light-flashing, spinning-sounds environment a lot of us are plugged in, and with them plenty of modern families too. But it is really eveident that these toys are not at all crucial for the development of the core values and qualities that a child requires in order to be a good and wise gifted man or woman in the future of their real life. Recently, when during a medical conference here in Poly University of Hong Kong i had the opportunity to share some insights from a psychological and evolutionary point of view with the lecturing doctor about these toys , i was not surprsed at all when he said that these tools can have damaging effect on the optical chiasm of the little brains. It means that their development will proceed in a slower not balanced way:  the opposite of what many managers in toy industry trust nowadays.

Adding a couple of considerations collected on a base of three years work as game editor in Chinese toy industry and on a base of master training in developmental and educational psychology and on a base of past two years teaching at primary school. It is all connected 🙂

  • Educationally motivated societies now like to stress enlightenment contents as their curriculum. Electronic learning games today are so much lacking in lifting spirits of children up that they only transmit mediocre learning messages.
  • Love is always the master key to a fulfilling learning and educational process. I always wonder at which level is this nourishing love intentionally sent thru these products?



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