Myth of humility in today China

There is a big amount of historical and literary material in China, which reinforces humility in the human character. The two primordial masters Laoze & Confucius have left behind outstanding moral teachings which are precious example for the whole mankind. On one hand humility is one of the most regarded quality in a person especially when  flowing directly from the within matrix of pure love. This is why on the other hand thise quality is just myth in modern China. Why is it only myth?



    • The within matrix of pure love, also known as kundalini, has not been awakened in the whole Chinese population yet. Moreover there is no translation in Chinese for the word “awareness” which means people cannot include it in their chat or speeches or writings, thus cannot at least communicate about it.
    • Despite of the nice job done by the primordial masters in acient times it seems that seeds have been possibly planted but after centuries…where is the blossoming? A nation fully based, in its own educational and social system, on these two qualities should litterally flourish without having especially its young people struggling. 
    • When humility is there innocence is automatically there permeating all the fibers of the political and economical net. So walking in the street becomes a real pleasure for watching the coolest advertisments on the walls, whose only aim is to instill great high feelings into the eyes/mind.
    • Self confidence and determination are the natural result of an humble personality, not just smiling or being nice and dharmic.  

    9 thoughts on “Myth of humility in today China

    1. I thought the Chinese called Kundalini ‘gong’. If it is not the same as kundalini, then what is ‘gong’? I am really surprised, because I thought Chinese spiritual tradition was just as strong as Indian.

    2. gong means discipline, not kundalini. kundalini can be translated in chinese as TAO, the way, the path. Both Indian and Chinese spiritual traditions seem quite stronger and close. Regarding humility which is not a tradition but simply a quality that can be achieved by everybody, the surprising thing is that it is not true that chinese are more humble than others, despite of the historical teachings. we can find a lot of humble people everywhere, it is becoming an inner work detached from historical backgrounds. We often believe that simplicity means humility but it s not true. It is possible that people are simple not because they chose and worked out to be that. They happen to live simple because of political or economical forces which they are not able to control. Also read this very interesting article of another experience in China

    3. “Don’t be too humble, you are not that great” is a quote that I am reminded of. I think it is an important quality, and may be the masses of the Chinese population do have that quality in them, even if it is absent in the political circles.

      Destination Infinity

    4. Rahda, let me share my first encounter with humility. Sometime back I met a martial artist. He had spent 11 years learning the art but there was no trace of arrogance or any kind of indication of his skill. He was so humble yet serenely confident. Until he showed some simple moves and he suddenly looked super natural!! It was amazing.

    5. “they dont show off anything and they are superkilled doctors or artists…” have come across a lot of such people!! A lot to learn from these people 🙂

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