Photohistory of unique shopping malls

 Everytime i enter a modern shopping mall here in town a breeze of sophisticateness punctually blows around me. It’s not that i spend the time shopping during my visit but most of all tasting the colors, the architecture, the large space in name of the which we all sacrifice the space of our own homes in Hong Kong. Have a look from this past weekend.

Few but useful Airport check in counters  inside the mall:








environment and design


in case you want to have a snow stroll










dining & shopping

everybody likes it…


2 thoughts on “Photohistory of unique shopping malls

  1. I think one of the best things to do when hanging out to malls is looking at the place and how people deal with it.

    Nice shots, Radha!

  2. here in hk malls are very crowded especially on weekends,the most modern ones are shining with lights and decorations, the oldest ones are corny and grey but i find them interesting anyway.

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