That inner sense of theatrical being

 How can you miss your theatrical part in life, i mean the comic or dramatic aspect of your character which gives so much meaning to every day! otherwise we will be like fish in a box.  In these financial cities where everything and everyone is on a schedule you can enjoy some theatre

  • very much at the theatre where you pay the ticket and assist to the show
  • very little during interaction cause most of the people act moreless monotonely so they give the impression to do all the same things at the same way.

mother_smileWell, there are countries where people are so serious about theatre that they act 70% of their time in norml dailylife. They conversate transforming their voices intentionally like they were possessed or performing acts in any place when get along together; for example you cannot understand when an Italian is talking seriously or he is joking. Such a skill he has got. Innate. Humoristic and tossed with charm and kindness. It’s just pure life. you can’t get this sense in a materialistic society where businesslike minds guide every profit out. But if you really seek for this side, a comic side is also there and it will make you laugh. I start believeing that this is why we have big cities: to make people laughing about it and about themselves.


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