So this is an expat blog from today

chinese characters

In fact i found this online community of bloggers and copied and pasted the “luggage icon” here on the left. It comes with the sticker ILove NY instead of ILove HK in my case but you know i have 108 resons to say ILOVE NY too (see about section of this blog) so it is just the same. All places are the same and people too deep down in the end.

I was browsing a lil around the other blogs of expats (this word is not so beautiful, i think it is the first time in two years i am using it in a post! simply because i have no real feelings to be an expat) and found one common characteristics: they look like real girlish diaries, even when written by men! People like to write every single breath they take, how many steps from their home to the work place and how many noodles they’ve been eating at lunch. How amazing they have all the time to muse on all these details OR maybe it is just they THINK too much and their heads are full of stuff and they use the blog as a discharging channel. Interesting blogospheroidal concept, isnt it?

So enjoy the little green luggage logo and if you know others cool logos plz let me know.  ~:-) Luv

[the one in the pic they say is the most ancient Chinese character wowoo]

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