Going to the roots of the dance


With Rabindranath Tagore awsome encouragement to revive the cultural aspects of India, the art of Sadir or Sadiatam (today known as bharatnayam dance) and the art of Kathakali (music and drama) were estabilished with more prestige and underwent significnt development. It is no surprise that these arts grew, in the South of india,  under the influence and the presence of ancient civilazations such as Greece, Rome, Egypt and Syria. the artists at that time used to performe everywhere without need for a stage. Any outdoor setting would have been perfect as far as there were some people rady to watch them. And this is exactly what I have been experienced last weekend in this Chinese hub of stock market & cutures. isnt it unbelievable? i still get goose bumps if i go back to those moments on Sunday.

i was lucky to the extent to performe Indian dance two meters from the crowd, on rugs placed directly on concrete floor, with genuine Indian instruments and curtains as background  just like in the ancient times but in a hyper modern city like Hong Kong is. it was too much of a blast! I wish all passionate dancers to get this marvelous and full of meaning experience. A meaning going straight to the root of the heart. the focus is different: when the heart is dancing, you are jumping in the flow and everything is still and perfect.


2 thoughts on “Going to the roots of the dance

  1. Wow. I wish I could have seen it. I wrote down a quote from something I read recently. “Aim straight for the human heart.”

    That is what I aim to do. Keep dancing, sister…

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